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Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by maxyshot, May 30, 2019.

  1. maxyshot

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    I am just going at my own pace but I hurt my neck and shoulders I was doing incline dumbell press and some guy walked in my area so I had to bump up my weights and that threw my form right off, I ended up doing like a semi press/pec fly because the weight was too heavy for me and now I have pain around my collar bone and shoulders,it's holding me back but I wont let it stop me I just trained through the pain last night,I will get physiotherapy soon as well.
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    Pain is your body’s way of sayin something is fucked up, but you do you boo.

    Add that to @TitaniumGear (TGI) list of sayings.
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    ^^^^^ tenor.gif
  4. maxyshot

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    My new 5 day split is this....

    arm day [tricep and bicep]..

    close grip bench press 3 sets of 8 [3 min rest]
    ez bar skullcrushers [3 min rest]
    tricep rope pushdown cable machine [1 min rests]
    dips [1 min rest]
    ez bar bicep standing curls 3 sets of 8 [3 minute rest]
    standing dumbell hammer curls [3 min rest]

    leg day

    squats 3 sets of 8 [4 min rest]
    leg extentions 3 sets of 10 [1 min rest]
    lying leg curls 3 sets of 10 [1 min rest]
    standing ham curl machine 3 sets of 10 [1 min rest]
    incline leg press machine 3 sets to failure [3 min rest]
    seated calf raise machine 3 sets of 10 [1 min rest]

    shoulder day..

    standing barbell shoulder press 3 sets of 8 [3 min rest]
    standing dumbell press 3 sets of 8 [2 min rest]
    seated plate loaded shoulder press machine 3 sets to failure [2 min rest]

    back day..

    sumo deadlifts 3 sets of 8 [3-4 min rests]
    low row pulley 3 sets to failure [1 min rests]
    lat pulldown plate loaded machine 3 sets to failure [2 min rests]
    dumbell rows 3 sets of 8 [1 min rest]
    full back row plate loaded iso machine 3 sets to fail [2 min rest]
    lateral cable pull down 3 sets to fail [1 min rest]

    chest day..

    bench press 3 sets of 8 [3-4 min rest]
    incline dumbell press 3 sets of 8 [3 min rest]
    pecdec machine 3 sets of 8 [1 min rest]
    incline seated plate loaded chest press machine 3 sets of 8 [2 min rest]

    [rest day] then startover.

    What do you all think of my new improved tailored to suit me routine?
  5. AlwaysHungry

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    No need for shoulder day imo you can pair it with some other body part. Also dint go by the book and expirament with the rep ranges some body parts work better with higher reps some other with lower find for yourself.
    I've found that in the beginner stages of training higher frequency works the best for hypertrophy gains not necessarily more volume but more frequency
  6. Fryguy

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    I would check out programs that are already layed out for you. At the suggestion of others here, I've been following some of John Meadows programs with great results. Plus it's great just showing up and not having to plan anything out myself.
    Yours looks good man. Are you going to rotate exercises weekly?
  7. Test_Subject

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    I highly recommend that you use a premade program in the beginning.

    "Fist your own asshole" by Chuck U. Farley is a good start. It's a program that should fit your needs perfectly.
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  8. Mdubbs

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    Sounds like the main focus is on forearms and glutes.
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  9. mp46

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    I'm still confused why you're taking 3-5 minute rests and working arm separately. You're spending 30-45minutes just standing around the gym every workout
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  10. Mdubbs

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    Because this guy is a troll
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  11. maxyshot

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    I rest 3-5 minutes on certain exercises like bench press and squats because I need to or I will fail my next set also it is proven to give bigger strength gains in the long run google it and I'm training for strength mostly.

    quick example for you.

    How Long Should You Rest Between Sets to Gain Muscle and Strength?
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  12. maxyshot

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    I had trouble doing standing dumbell shoulder press today I can feel my bones clicking and clacking and it just doesn't feel right at all,also on the seated shoulder press machine I had pain in my collar bone,do you think I can get away with just doing standing barbell shoulder press and then standing dumbell shoulder press performed this way in this video

    I find doing them this way much easier on my joints and no cliking and clacking in my bones.
  13. mp46

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    And in that study it included people who have a lot of experience lifting already, which you have none.

    That study didn't say how the peoples ligaments and tendons help up when they were adding on so much weight so quickly, perhaps you should look up what happens to the rest of the body when you start lifting too much too fast.

    You also claim that you don't take any supplements, but if you actually read the article you posted the subjects took supplements. If you're going to claim a study as the reason for your workout, you need to follow the aspects of this studies.

    The article says "All of the subjects had been lifting for at least six months and could squat their body weight or more." and you can't even do that yourself, so again, your study is useless.
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  14. maxyshot

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    I know people in real life who rest 4 minutes between sets of bench press and they are strong and really built,it's dumb to rest less and there for lift much less while your trying to gain strength,just common sense really,if I don't rest long enough I will fail my 2nd set,how is that productive? i'm not rying to be a bodybuilder.Resting longer between sets and lifting heavier also helps to stimulate the release of higher levels of natural testosterone during your training.
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  15. mp46

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    Are you going to ignore what I posted or are you going to address it? You claim the study is why you do it and I explain the fallacies, so you ignore all of that and come up with another excuse as to why you do it.

    How long have the people you know in real life been working out? Do you think that any type of person could lift that weight if they workout as long as them?

    How does the body increase strength? does getting the muscle to failure in 2 sets get the same results as 3 sets? if you can't answer those questions then your common sense isn't really helping you.
  16. maxyshot

    maxyshot Junior Member

    I only gave that study as one example kiddo,I have done my research,here is another example of many..

  17. AlwaysHungry

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    Look if you lift 200kg you do some serious damage to the muscle si you need to rest to be able to lift again. If you lift 70kg you can get back much faster. Less time between sets it's a variable that makes you stronger
  18. ickyrica

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    Do you make grunting noises when you blast through a set of 25lb shoulder presses, too? I read that'll make your gains permanent.
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  19. maxyshot

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    not if 70kg is your max 8 rep range,don't argue with science,Iv'e tried resting 2 minutes and I failed so proof is in the pudding.
  20. ickyrica

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    So, where does the science say you've rested too much? Is 5 minutes too much? 2.5 minutes? Does the same down time apply when you have 5 years of training under your belt? 6 months of training? 10 years of training? What about if you're body building vs powerlifting? Please, teach us wise one!

    Stop dealing with finite conclusions. Science is malleable based on all factors considered, which you arent looking at everything. You're seeing what you want to see.
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