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  1. Brotato

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    @OneQ messaged you, i'm interested and will post bloods 4 weeks in so after 4th injection.
  2. OneQ

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    We put very low price at the beggining :)
  3. FiEnD

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    How about bloods from previous compounds?
  4. OneQ

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    Oh, I'm sorry guys

    1ml for 100kg guy - it's like 10 iu a day. Not each 6 hours
    I get it wrong from my guy
  5. pfdept59

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    What is the price?
  6. OneQ

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    There was different formulation and bloods on it will not show actual situation. We hope to get soon from the new.
    Generally this is not HGH, it's a different structure and your body will change it to HGH. Thats why you will have some peaks and falls in gh serum concentration during these period (6 days) but some gh will be in the blood each moment. Very personal thing. That's what I get from my engineer.
    I think we will sell it fast and see some bloods
    220$ and with code meso10 - 198$
  7. movingiron88

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    Interesting!! I'll be following this.
  8. Brotato

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    for transparency after talking with oneq this is the reason i decided to not move forward with it as appealing as the injection schedule sounds
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  9. TNotch347

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    I don’t blame you, I’d like to see a whole bunch more testing done.
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  10. jJjburton

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    This is What caused me to do the same.
  11. TNotch347

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    @OneQ just out of curiosity, what do you sell more of? Blue or white?
  12. Brotato

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    this is why i don't mess with sarms or the 'hot new designer steroids' even. i like to know exactly what's going into me with as much research and literature on the subject as possible.
  13. OneQ

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    Blue, much more
    That's something that I clearly understand. Honestly - if I be the customer I feel same.
    What we saw with testers - there is no impact on insulin and sugar in blood (all guys don't have problems like diabet and their health perfect)
    No additional side effects except standard (like water retention) + local fat burning effect near injection area. But everyone different and now we need some time to see. My partner use this GH 2+ month and hs is ok :)

    At this moment like 10-15 guys ordered it
    So I think soon we will see actual blood tests and logs
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  14. RGL90

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    What seems to be your turn around time to domestic ? Roughly a month?
  15. Girpy

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    Wanted to give some feedback since haven't had any luck getting the source to follow through.

    Some people are still waiting on packs ordered during the black Friday sale so they were shipped out around first week of December.

    After about a month of waiting and tracking showing no movement OneQ told people that if package didn't show some movement by 40 days then reships would happen. 40 days came and now OneQ changed it to that if doesn't arrive by 10th of February then reships would happen which is another 20 days of waiting past what was originally stated.

    Just want to see if I am the only one that feels this is unreasonable and just to show some transparency for others who may be looking to order.
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  16. OneQ

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    We did it only because our guy from the postal service finally clarified this thing. Same situation happened 2 years ago. I would say OK if few orders were lost, but when it's 20+ orders from the same shipping dates - very low change that they lost, postal service need to lost at least few containers with a lot of packages inside in that case.
    That's why we give additional 30% discount for the next order.
    Some customers can't wait and asked us for reship their orders now and tols that they will pay same amount if both order arrived - no problem for us to make it like this. If original order will not arrive and lost - so it's at our charge
    For the next year we will close the sales in this period just not to faced with this again
  17. Girpy

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    Thank you, got my reship requested, have no problem to pay if both arrive just don't want to wait 3 months before something is done, totally understand it's out of your control once handed to post office and hopefully anyone else in this situation is happy with that solution too