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    Ok ill up to make it equivalent to 3 iu in a week. Just taking it slow because last time the lethargy hit me so hard at 4iu.
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    I have been taking 2iu per day of the blue aquas every morning with 1 day off per week and i have noticed no water retention no extreme hunger but some lethargy in the am but it wears off in a couple hours. Overall i feel good energy. It takes some time but i think that I’m getting some benefit. Want to try another month to see. Made 2nd order of the aqua kit. Shipping takes about a month and very well packaged. Alex has been great in his communications. If i take more like 3iu or higher it really zonks me out for most of the day. Lately I’ve noticed I’m sleeping harder too. For the price this is definitely worth trying. Looking forward to getting back in the gym and getting outside for some cardio.
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    Interesting first post

    I go against the grain of what others have said and I find it does the total opposite to me and I gain energy from it. If I dose before bed then I have trouble falling to sleep

    I know everyone is different and people get different sides but the fact I don't get any of the usual sides makes me unsure

    Ive been on this stuff on and off for a since the start of last year, with variable results. One batch I got made the tips of my fingers go white and made me look very lean and vascular. This batch doesn't seem to be doing much besides making me a bit more vascular, and I'm running double the dose I did previously

    I haven't been on the cycle for a long time, probably 40 days so far, but I'm using a full vial per day. So when I see people saying they use 2 or 3iu of this or another brand and it's loads and Itheyre getting all these effects, I always think wtf

    I know it's all a guessing game until I get igf tested, and I have found a place to do it. I will be getting igf done in May.

    Overall I do believe that OneQ makes a quality product and they actively encourage testing which is promising, they also always deliver. I like a lot about them

    Recently though I've just began questioning things more and I'm unsure if all batches are of the same quality.

    IGF tests will reveal all, I truly hope they turn out good because I have spent over $2000 overall on this stuff because I believed in these guys
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    Correct me if i am wrong, but the " quality" of your liver play a huge role in hgh to igf-1 convertion
    In other words blood test Will not reveal it all, Only lab report Will ?
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    My liver isn't in anyway compromised

    I don't drink or take any illicit drugs, no oral steroids and I'm not on an injectable cycle either

    The results should be very accurate

    You're correct that a lab test is best. But that costs around £400. I have found igf test close to me for £99
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    Just because its my first post doesnt mean im here for a fake review im real and its just coincidence. Also i dont have alot of experience with hgh so i dont always know what to look for. I think your body gets used to the dosage after awhile so some of the side effects i had early on dont hit me as hard now. Im 51 and just hoping for anti aging effects. And as i understand it takes a long time to get the results. I like this brand because its a pre-mix is not going to get damage by transitions from being refrigerated or placed in a cupboard. I do think its helping me recover faster between sexual events and thats definately a bonus. What I dont like is waiting for the shipments they take forever and with this pandemic who knows when my next shipment arrives. I will try to get an IGF1 test soon but unfortunately i do not have a baseline.
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    They are certainly a good company

    If my IGF test comes back correct, I shall be very pleased and will gcontinue to give them all my business
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    Anybody know when the long will be back in stock? Also, is product being shipped during the pandemic?
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    Not sure about the “Long” but they have resumed shipping the “Blue” at the very least.
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    Ive been waiting for a blue kit since March. Reshipped in early june tracking says its stuck at a facility in russia.
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    If you’re in the states you should’ve just went domestic.