Already reconstituted

i fail to see why that would be desirable.
The source can't control the mail.

If that pack sits in a 90 degree warehouse for a week or two waiting to be loaded on to a hot ass truck, what kind of shape will the final product be in when it reaches my doorstep?

Jano's recent experiment with reconstituted HGH at room temperature didn't turn out well. i can't imagine this would either.

If this fella never gets the feelz he's expecting, i think we'll know why.


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The product is gin clear. Even though I ordered it in April. And just got it. But i dont know if thats the ultimate decider whether its clear or cloudy. I never feel any sides with this brand other than one batch giving me injection welts. In comparison the sides with serostim...that stuff kicked my ass. With serostim my fingers would be tingling an hour after injection.


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Got the numb finger tips this am 30 mins after 3iu inject so...there we go. Just to be clear i have two blue aqua kits(2 vials per kit) right now one ordered in April and received this week. One auto re-shipped in June received this week. Just to see the diff I am using a vial from each kit to look for batch differences. Alternating between the two vials. The vial from old kit gave me no welts so far. The vial from re-ship batch welts and now numb fingers. Slept great last night btw.


Hi guys, I'm here again
This virus ruins everything
But we are alive :)

I'm personally got this shit but it was not so bad. Hope you are OK as well.

Soon we will run some good promo for those who want to try our products. Looks like delivery now works +- good

But now some info:

We are change our formulation because some users still get welts/painful bumps reactions (batch not in sales now)
This is most likely reaction to the buffer or preservative.

Few customers reported about general reactions and unfortunately this may happen as well.
Here is picture:

Here is some info about it and formulations of pharma GH.

BTW after treatment all of customers who faced with general reactions continue to use our GH without problems as in this case

I think those GH should be pure enough but they also give some people skin reactions.
And I think you should understand that welts reaction could be because of shitty GH or individual intolerance to the components - you will never know (only HPLC). If some GH give you some uncomfortable reaction you have to choose: you can continue with this GH and MAY BE after 2-3 weeks reaction disappear if it's intolerance (it could be) or change GH supplier

About IGF-1 - we would NOT produce this product. Unfortunately IGF-1 very dangerous product, effective but very dangerous (i mean real IGF - not some peptide trash for animals you may found)
If you want to know about real IGF - please google "increlex". This is the only 1 real IGF on the market as I know

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