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    I still do not think there is any detailed records.
    My reasons are two point:
    1) I personally have had a few seized packs (from three different very established reputable sources) but overall I have successfully received at least 30 packs in the past 5 or so years (All successful are from the same 3 sources, mostly Basic). If there were a database, why/how would I still be receiving packs?

    2) People that move often or rent for short times etc have successfully received packs. If that address is forever flagged, how would someone know what a previous resident received? by this I mean, over the course of time many addresses have many different kinds of people and many orders arriving -- if flagged from a seizure eventually no address would be free from being on the list. Do we really think because a previous resident did something, all future residents will never receive packs? I find it unlikely.

    But, I do understand things always change and new technology may be implemented at any time.
    I have seen more seizures near the end of last year (the source must have also because they moved locations) so something changed.
    Overall, the most packs are a success or we would see literally thousands of complaints.

    I worry though, with the opioid crisis, things will get more difficult.
    This will greatly effect domestic sources as well since they are importing large batches of raws which is something more serious (sucks for any of us to lose a little money, but think about a domestic source's risk if he gets tracked for a raws order and busted -- these are guys just like us, into lifting and NOT deserving of decades in prison but that is what they may face :( ).

    Times are a changing in the USA and by the looks of it the path is one of less and less freedom and more government control each year :(
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  2. Actual form of Vladimir Yakovlev - PRO athlete team Pharmacom Labs.

    5 times champion of Moscow.
    Vice-champion of Russia.
    Vice-champion of Europe.
    Winner of the Bengalaru India Pro Qualifier.

    Link to Vladimir's instagram profile, follow the news.

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    **Package received review.**
    From day of order until arrival it took approximately 14 days. Package very discreet.
    Carefully wrapped. No complaints.Very professional work. Items packaging perfect. You see and feel even from the carton boxes the professional work. The only thing they didnt sent me was promotion gift. But i contacted support and they will sent it ASAP as they replied. After cycle i will review results, etc.
    5 out of 5 stars for support/communication/package/waiting time.
    if you want packaging photos i can upload
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    Please do NOT post any shipping packaging photos as they will be used by Law Enforcement to identify packs and make things more difficult.

    Actual pics of products are ok :)
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    i ordered from international on the 17th, it was marked shipped the 19th, its the 24th and nothing has been updated on the tracking number since the 19th. Is it normal for the tracking number to not update for 5 days?
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    Read their news board. They don’t send out tracking until after 7 days of shipment. So, it they dropped it off at PO on 19th then you wouldn’t get tracking until at least the 26th.
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    My reship from Europe is finally moving. Sat in the "shippers warehouse" from the 4th of this month. Hopefully it will make it through customs.
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    That's only for their EU Warehouse. I ordered from the US Warehouse.
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  9. Thank you for your feedback, we hope you are happy..)))

    If you have questions - contact us, we will always help.
  10. Don't worry, everything will be fine, delays sometimes happen, please wait a little longer.
  11. Don't worry, everything will be fine, we will do our best to help you.
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    Would be interesting what cCle your athletes ran :)
  13. Pretty impressive. Do you know how old he is? Just curious.
  14. Athlete team Pharmacom Labs.

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    Master of sports in bodybuilding.
    Absolute champion of the Novosibirsk region in bench press.
    Master of sports in bench press.

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  15. Hi, I'll check it and write to you.
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  16. Hi, I'll ask him and answer you later.
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    If you had posted expressing interest in trying the new products, please be sure to check your PMs for a message from @Pharmacom Labs in case he has selected you.
    I sent in approximately 60 names of members spanning from all the boards I'm on, but only about 20 have replied to his PM.
    IF Frank PM'd you about it, you were selected and you need to reply to his PM instructions soon and he will send out the free samples.
  18. Actual form of athlete team Pharmacom Labs.

    Absolute Сhampion of the South of Russia "Sochi David Cup" 2017.
    Absolute Champion of Russia 2017 and 2018.
    Absolute Сhampion of the St. Petersburg 2019.

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    The pictures of your athletes are very impressive. Is it possible to get more information about the "support" they are taking? ;-)
  20. Don't tell anyone, but i think these guys are taking steroids. Not sure which brand though, that's anyone's guess. :D;)
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