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Pharmacom Labs officials and our store

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Pharmacom Labs, Mar 27, 2015.

  1. Reno

    Reno Member

    As always very informative man. Thank you
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  2. Pharmacom Labs

    Pharmacom Labs Member Supporter

    Well, bitcoin promo is 5%. Max available discount is 15%. If you place a 300$ order, you get it at 255$. And not so many have this maximum discount. In case of promo bonuses you get free items worth 100$ if yoo order from warehouse 1 or 200$ for warehouse 2, which is by times more. How come it is not a promo? EU warehouse has expenses. Delivery to avoid seizures, handling, warehouse keeping, shipping, huge risks... Not to forget free reshipping, which we guarantee in case of losses,seizures,damages,etc. There are many expenses, much more than the self-cost of the products themselves. We have great conditions for customers!
    Tracking numbers are uploaded as a rule not earlier than 5 days after dispatch. This is our safety policy mentioned on site. Sometimes it may take more, but it most cases it does not mean that order is delayed.
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  3. Actual form of athlete team Pharmacom Labs.

    Weight today 108 kg.

    3 weeks before the competition.

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  4. hog72

    hog72 Member

    Not saying it’s not a good deal. However it is deceiving. In order to get the bonus items, a person has to give up the 5% bitcoin and their loyalty discount. So actually it’s not really a bonus. And if shipment is seized, the bonus items are gone and we still got jacked for bitcoin and loyalty discount
  5. Hi, it takes one week or a little more.
  6. Hi, here regularly post analyzes and reviews, everyone who uses it - likes it.
  7. RThoads

    RThoads Member

    cart discounts cap at 15% -- 15% of $300 is $45 saved.
    The $300 spent with the promo gives $200 from W2 -- $200 is 66% of $300 -- so getting a 66% value bonus if $300 is spent in warehouse-2; this is much better than the personal discounts.

    Not deceiving at all and the fact bonus are not included in re-ship has been stated many times.
    Also, you are completely free to decline the promo and stick with your normal cart discounts by simply skipping the bonus items page.

    It is just a choice regarding what you prefer (no one is forced to take the promo).

    Ask around, most people like the promo (many wait for it and I get asked on all boards often about it because people want and like it) -- it does not hurt to have options.

    getting $500 worth of products for the price of $300 is better than any combination of cart discounts. It is nearly a buy one get one free.

    Thousands of people clearly think it is worth the risk even with the small chance of a seized pack and loss of bonus items.
    Scroll through the thread, go on all other boards etc, and look for how many actually have seized pack sand lost bonus items; compare that to the fact this is a world-wide major brand with thousands of orders a week.

    To each his or her own preference though -- I respect if you do not prefer the promo terms and that is why the source leaves the option for customers to skip the bonus for those rare cases that someone wishes to decline the promo. It is easy -- no problem :)
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  8. Pharmacom Labs

    Pharmacom Labs Member Supporter

    Yes, all so, but have to notice, that the overwhelming number of orders arrives fine, so most customers receive all what they ordered incl. bonuses without any issues. And yes, everybody has the choice. You can always skip bonuses and stay with your discount. In this case even if a seizure occurs, you get all items reshipped and at cheaper order total.
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  9. Actual form of athlete team Pharmacom Labs.

    Bronze medalist of the Russian championship in bodybuilding.
    Master of sports in bodybuilding.
    Absolute champion of the Novosibirsk region in bench press.
    Master of sports in bench press.

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  10. Vladimir Yakovlev - PRO athlete team Pharmacom Labs.

    5 times champion of Moscow.
    Vice-champion of Russia.
    Vice-champion of Europe.
    Winner of the Bengalaru India Pro Qualifier.

    Link to Vladimir's instagram profile, follow the news.

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  11. RThoads

    RThoads Member

    I need to train arms with him. I am feeling small lol
  12. Not bad, will be up to 100kg?
  13. Athlete team Pharmacom Labs.

    Category 90 kg.

    Bench press 260 kg.

    First place Cup of Russia GPA / IPO.
    First place Open European Cup WPC-RUS.
    First place World Cup WPC-RUS.

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  14. You're right, he's very impressive.
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  15. Good question, I'll ask him and write about it later.
  16. Sergey Kulaev - PRO athlete team Pharmacom Labs.

    Absolute Champion of St. Petersburg 2016.
    Absolute Champion of Russia 2016.
    Absolute Champion Arnold Classic 2016.

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  17. RThoads

    RThoads Member

    Have a great weekend everyone :)
  18. Zarioh

    Zarioh Member

    any1 used test e amploules lately? Are they gtg? I see you only stock them on w1?
  19. Vladimir Yakovlev - PRO athlete team Pharmacom Labs.

    5 times champion of Moscow.
    Vice-champion of Russia.
    Vice-champion of Europe.
    Winner of the Bengalaru India Pro Qualifier.

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  20. How was your weekend ?
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