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  1. Yes, he ship to USA.
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    Enjoy a great weekend everyone :)
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  8. You are right, he is very impressive.
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    I wonder, how come this happens... When we run a promotion, almost nobody asks about it. Once it is over, we start receiving numerous email,when a next promo is planned for...Although we even did not switch off the latest promo yet. It`s kind of a small secret of our store. Almost always, when we announce dates for some promotion and it is over, we keep it running for a few days at least unofficially, cause out of our experience most interest shows up exactly at this period...
    Never-mind. Customers love this promo and we love making customers happy. So we continue our most demanded promo without changes.

    1) Only for orders paid with cryptocurrency.
    2) Only for international warehouses
    3) Time frame: 1st of September to 1st of October 2019

    If you order from warehouse 1, you will get the following free bonuses:
    $50 USD bonus for orders over $ 200
    $100 USD bonus for orders over $300

    If your order is shipped from warehouse 2, you get the following free bonus:
    $35 USD bonus for orders over $100
    $100 USD bonus for orders over $200
    $200 USD bonus for orders over $300

    Bonuses are picked during the ordering process and shipped together with the main order. No promo code is needed. In case of seizures only paid items are reshipped. Pharmatropin is not participating in this promotion.
    Our price list for international warehouses is here:
    Reminder: By default all orders are shipped from warehouse 1 from within Europe. This warehouse provides best delivery success with fastest shipping time.
    If at least one single item in your order is out of stock from warehouse 1, your entire order automatically will be shipped from warehouse 2. You can not chose,what warehouse to order from. W1 is used always by default, unless some item you ordered is not in stock there. W2 is a spare warehouse. It has longer delivery time up to 15-18 days, and as it appears now, it has about 10% higher seizure rare compared to W1 (towards the USA). W1 delivers almost all orders without issues, if customer provide all delivery info right and complete. So, orders from W1 have higher delivery rate (again, towards the USA). On the other side, W2 has discreet shipping available, which helps to deliver orders to those countries, where W1 was helpless. To Australia and Norway, for example, W2 has a better delivery rate, IF discreet shipping is chosen.
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    What is the percentage success rate that a package gets in through NY customs from warehouse 2?
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  14. Hi, I will check the information and write to you when I receive a response.
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    I believe it is very good success. There is no exact number but in the past when I talked to Frank it sounded to me like only a few packs a month out of thousands.
    So I would estimate it is not more than 1% seized.
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    Are shipments to Canada available and do they offer the same re-ship policy? How is the success to Canada?
  18. Pretty good Sir. Yes policy the same.
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