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    Just got my first order with Pharmacom for test E 300 and am very pleased! Thanks Meso board for helping me find a good source!!
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  2. Thank you for your feedback, we hope you are happy..)))

    If you have questions - contact us, we will always help.
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    Reminder :cool:

    Basicstero carries some awesome Pharmacom mixs

    these mix product can offer an advantage to the advanced user by giving more convenience and ability to do multiple compounds, and if one chooses higher mg, in less shots. Also, in many cases for large stack it is more cost effective.
    I do not recommend for newer guys or beginners but for advanced and experienced users the mixs line of product can offer some advantages; for more info check them out on the Basicstero site at:
    Also, In the Trenbolone section there is even a mix of all 3 tren esters:
    And, my person favorite mix is found in the masteron section of the Basicstero site -- the Pharma Mix M 300 -- it is a 300mg / mL mix of 200mg Drostalone Enanthate and 100mg Drostanaolone Propionate:
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    I just started up the Tri-Tren.
    Honestly the best product across the board I have ever tried.
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    nice :)
    how are you using it? by this I mean, what is your cycle, goals, and pin schedule?
    I have not yet used any hex myself. This product look very interesting, like a tren sustanon
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    That scale is beautiful
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  8. Thank you for your feedback, we hope you are happy..)))

    If you have questions - contact us, we will always help.
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    Quoting myself. I must say I expressed myself in a wrong way, which has been immediately noted by our company head.
    From my previous post it may look like these reports and stamp kind mean nothing. Which is absolutely not, what I was trying to say. First of all, we are probably the only manufacturer who has its own lab and who provides such reports at all! Not only Simec reports, but our own made for ourselves within our internal quality control. The published example is not exactly the precise report how it looks in original. Each single original report has name and signature of the lab technician who performed the test. Even more info related to the tested batch, remarks, etc. are stored in our electronic records. For obvious safety reasons we can not show final reports with names and signature. However, the most important value, quality of the product is seen on published reports.
    One more thing to announce. Our 300/100,300/200 promotion is extremely demanded. We are extending it for one more month!

    1) Only for orders paid with cryptocurrency.
    2) Only for international warehouses
    3) Time frame: 5th of October to 5th of November 2019

    If you order from warehouse 1, you will get the following free bonuses:
    $50 USD bonus for orders over $ 200
    $100 USD bonus for orders over $300

    If your order is shipped from warehouse 2, you get the following free bonus:
    $35 USD bonus for orders over $100
    $100 USD bonus for orders over $200
    $200 USD bonus for orders over $300

    Bonuses are picked during the ordering process and shipped together with the main order. No promo code is needed. In case of seizures only paid items are reshipped. Pharmatropin is not participating in this promotion.

    Our price list for international warehouses is here:

    Reminder: By default all orders are shipped from warehouse 1 from within Europe. This warehouse provides best delivery success with fastest shipping time.
    If at least one single item in your order is out of stock from warehouse 1, your entire order automatically will be shipped from warehouse 2. You can not chose,what warehouse to order from. W1 is used always by default, unless some item you ordered is not in stock there. W2 is a spare warehouse. It has longer delivery time up to 15-18 days, and as it appears now, it has about 10% higher seizure rare compared to W1 (towards the USA). W1 delivers almost all orders without issues, if customer provide all delivery info right and complete. So, orders from W1 have higher delivery rate (again, towards the USA). On the other side, W2 has discreet shipping available, which helps to deliver orders to those countries, where W1 was helpless. To Australia and Norway, for example, W2 has a better delivery rate, IF discreet shipping is chosen.

    The last notice for today. Due to reasons out of our control we have to limit minimum MoneyGram payment to 300$. Western Union stays without minumum limit.
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  10. Special offer: PHARMATREN 50.

    PHARMATREN 50 is a unique water-based drug manufactured by Pharmacom Labs. Pure trenbolone, not containing an ester, with an activity of only 3-4 hours, ideal as a powerful pre-workout.

    Each milliliter of PHARMATREN 50 contains 50 milligrams of Trenbolone base.

    Differences PHARMATREN 50:
    + Reduces the percentage of body fat and increases muscle relief.
    + Quickly increases strength.
    + There is no aromatization.
    + Acts stronger than the well-known pre-workout complexes.
    + Visibly builds muscle mass.
    + Increases secretion of insulin-like growth factor.

    PHARMATREN 50 is a multifunctional and very effective drug, the strongest pre-workout stimulator that increases aggression and strength, for extreme loads, at an attractively low price.

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    How do I get the warehouse 2 promotion if everything is in stock for both warehouse 1/2? It ships automatically from 1 I can’t select it to go from 2
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    That’s where they get ya. They offer a great sale but you’re unable to cash in on it. I PMed pharmcom support that very question and he told me he didn’t know and to write to the company. Seriously, there’s like 3 reps for support in this thread and I have to write the company on how to cash in on your sale? You would think it would be the reps responsibility to write the company and find out. I just chalked it up as it wasn’t going to happen.
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    To the best of my understanding , you can NOT choose the warehouse.
    It has been posted and stated multiple times that the warehouse is automatic based upon what is in stock. I believe it even states what warehouse your order will come from during the checkout process or at the top of your cart.

    EDIT to add:
    @B Ware @heavylifter87
    here in the quote below I will highlight in red where Frank states in his promo post how the warehouse works based upon stock (not customer choice).
    Based upon what he wrote, I am not sure where there is any confusion or need to PM support. I hope this helps clarify :)

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    lol ok I told myself no internet tonight (I need at least one evening off).
    So I am going to head out to the bar for some rest and relaxation :)
    Have a good evening everyone
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    The sale says:

    "If you order from warehouse 1, you will get the following free bonuses:
    $50 USD bonus for orders over $ 200
    $100 USD bonus for orders over $300

    If your order is shipped from warehouse 2, you get the following free bonus:

    $35 USD bonus for orders over $100
    $100 USD bonus for orders over $200
    $200 USD bonus for orders over $300

    I get that its been said that your order only ships from Warehouse 2 if the products aren't available from warehouse 1. Kinda shitty to mislead members into thinking they can get the deal of warehouse 2 when there are only 2 products on your entire list that are only available at warehouse 2. Basically, the sale for warehouse 2 only benefits members interested in hcg or HGH.

    Anyway, thanks for the response. I was just a little bummed due to spending the time to put over 300 in my cart hoping to get an extra 200 in return :( I'm still a happy customer none the less
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    Hello guys !

    I would like some advice about some peoples who got experience with turinabol.
    After some search i can't find the same answer about the dosage.

    What is the best dosage for Tbol please ? i saw some saying 30mg some 60mg.
    i'm just going to run some testo and tbol.
    I already tried Tbol as 60mg dosage for 7 weeks, got good but feel a lot lethargy and my mind was fuckep up during some weeks after.

    Im wondering if 60mg was too much ? is 30mg enough ?

    thank you for your times mate
  17. oblonsky

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    any word when you're restocking hcg to warehouse 1?
  18. RThoads

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    I can not give any promises regarding an exact date of a guaranteed restock because there is factor beyond the source's control (customs, postal services etc).

    Reminder, out of stock items will have a "notify" button instead of the "Add to cart" button:
    You can click the "notify" icon and enter you email address to get an email alert when the specific item is restocked.
  19. RThoads

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    I do not have any experience with Turinabol. I have seen some guys' bloodwork on over the years that makes me feel tbol is a little harder on the liver than dbol so I would not go too high.
    Maybe @Pharmacom Helper has experience and can give some advice.
  20. Aiden7

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    Hey !

    Thank you for your anwser. yeah i would appreciate some others experience advice about the dosage.