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    New cases of counterfeits have been reported.
    These products on photo below are actively selling in Malaysia, however all are fake.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    You can note that vials have a different prolonged shape, not like our vials have.
    Caps have no embedded Pharmacom logo on them. We are not sure, what codes are used there and whether there are any. If yes, counterfeiters could copy one genuine working code to multiple vials. if you try checking such a code on our site, our system will warn you that your code was checked many times, which most probably means you have a fake product.
    Be careful and don`t buy from doubtful sources!
    Codes can be checked on our company site
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  2. TNotch347

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    Damn that’s crazy, fakes look good lol. Have you actually tested a fake to see if they actually contained a hormone? Maybe no point to it, considering it’s fake but ya never know.
  3. Pharmacom Labs

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    No we have never tested counterfeits and do not see any sense to do so. It would be really odd.
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    By the way, this is not what can be described as "fakes look good". I am uploading fakes found in Russia a while ago..
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    These ones look really good. A bit different color shades, different fonts. but in general looks very similar. Those who has not hold genuine vials in hand would most probably not see the difference.
  5. TNotch347

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    Can definitely see the difference but yea if it wasn’t side by side. I agree. Very hard to tell unless you knew what to look for which in this case now we do.
  6. Sakuraba

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    In the pwo mix, is stanozolol base different than regular winstrol depot /suspension?
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  8. Hi, I will check the information and write to you when I receive a response.
  9. dusbjon

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    Which one of these are legit vials? My Test E 300 looks like the left vial on the second picture. Code says it’s good but still makes me nervous. I use the scratch off code correct?
  10. RThoads

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    no difference, stanozolol is always simply stanozolol because there is no ester; in the pharma mix 5 it is simply in a mixed product that also contains the other active ingredients.
  11. oblonsky

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    How's your track record shipping to the UK with international warehouse 1 vs warehouse 2? Any appreciable difference in seizure rates? Higher risk shipping to UK than continental EU?
  12. RThoads

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    I believe all have very good success.
    But I will ask Frank if he can comment since he knows best.
  13. drgreenthumb628

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    How is this source. Ive been out the game for a minute but remember their gear was always on point
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    W1 works great for UK. For shipping from warehouse 2 to UK we always highly recommend choosing discreet shipping and it works very well. We had some seizures or maybe losses (tracking number does not show it exactly and customer just did not receive a package from the first time), but I do not even remember, when the last case like this happened. Yes, seizures possible, but rare. W1 has a perfect rate. W2 with discreet shipping works also great, less than 5% is seized i would say. We reship for free in case of seizures.
  15. Indeed Sir. Pretty good fakes, I don't see any reasons to check what contain those vials, maybe AAS or just oil, or maybe some Ebola stuff. It would be wise not to tempt fate and use our original gear!
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  16. No different Sir. both two are without esters.
  17. If your codes says that they are legit... So what a point to nervous?)
  18. Gymjitsu

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    Do these codes not apply to orders done with stealth shipping.
  19. RThoads

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    IF you order from Basicstero, you do not have any worry about these (or other) fakes. Basicstero is the direct from manufacturer store -- it is Pharmacom -- no middle men NOT a reseller. All other dealers are resellers;
    Bascistero is the ONLY direct from Pharmacom Labs seller.
    Basicstero is Pharmacom Labs
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    @Pharmacom Helper, @RThoads,
    Hello, I have never bought Pharmacom, always heard good comments, there is a promo code or something for a first order? Thank you, excuse my English from Google