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    Why is it misleading? We inform everyone about this condition in advance. Info is not hidden somewhere on the checkout page in a barely readable font size. Our system clearly indicates, whether an order is going to be shipped from warehouse 1 or warehouse 2.
    To get an order from warehouse 2, customer should just chose some item missing from warehouse 1. That is all.
    There is a reason, why we did so. Warehouse 1 is always used by default cause it has better shipping time (about 6-12 days depending on destination) and it has better delivery success, lower seizure rate. Actually, it has no seizures within Europe or towards the USA (there were a couple, but very rare). Canada, Australia, New Zealand have some higher risk. Warehouse 2 on the other side has longer shipping time (up to 17-21 days) and has higher seizure rate. About 10% of packages towards the USA at least can be seized. Europe has better rate. And for countries with tough customs it has discreet shipping available.
    To ensure fastest processing with minimum seizure rate we set warehouse 1 as default. However, if customer wants larger bonuses, he/she can chose W2 by grabbing some at least 1 item not available from W1. In this case larger bonus is a reward for longer delivery time and a bit higher seizure risk. We warned about all this many times. We are doing our best to provide best service, fast shipping without seizure, so W1 is always the default option. This is the right policy, I think.

    Not sure yet. Can not promise now.
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    I am uploading our next internal report for turinabol:

    It has 99.9% purity. I would like to remind that in comparison against most other sources we have our own chromatography equipment and do continuous quality testing of our products. A video with a testing procedure sample is available on our company site under title "Pharmacom LABS - CONTINUOUS INTERNAL QUALITY MONITORING": Pharmacom Labs - Innovations Site
    There you can find also production video.
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    What about the dosage ? Is 30 mg enough ?
  4. 30-50. Split the difference and do 40?
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  6. Hi, if you have questions about cycle, pct, blood work interpretation and so on, our specialist will help you:
  7. Hi, unfortunately, there is no information about this yet.
  8. You can start with this, and if necessary, increase the dosage.
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    Any disadvantages of going international rather than domestic?
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    Always some small risk of seizure with intl packs (any source).
    Overall, Basicstero has a very good success rate with thousands of customers per month and only a few seized.
    Also, remember there is a free re-ship (paid items only not bonuses) with proof of seizure.
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    Or even start at 30 (always good to start lower rather than too high) and see how things go; then, can bump it up to 40mg if needed after a couple weeks. @Aiden7
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  12. Special Offer: PHARMATEST PH 100.

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  13. Hey Folks!
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    What’s the special offer ? Do we get one free with each order ?
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    Announcement from Basicstero:
    Our US domestic warehouse has to make a pause until Sunday, 12th of October. We apologize for any inconvenience.
    All orders placed starting from now on US domestic warehouse will be shipped on Monday.
  17. Hi, sorry no, when I said "special offer", I meant that this is an interesting product and it is worth paying special attention to it.
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    Pharmacom rep,

    Do your injectables contain any parabens as a preservative and if so which one(s)?
    specifically wondering about:
  19. Sir, as usual, injectable preps contain ethyl oleate (EO) which is a fatty acid ester. In this case we don't need to add some other stuff to.
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    Thanks. I have seen the below quoted before and it may make people think your products contain parabens since it seems to imply not using them is a negative thing.