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  1. I am glad to hear this, if you have any questions-please contact us, we will always help.. =)))
  2. Thank you for your feedback, we hope you are happy..)))

    If you have questions - contact us, we will always help.
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    I just wanted to post an update to clarify something and also to give credit where it is due. In April pcom had refunded me for an order that I had placed back in December that was unable to ship due to coronavirus. I had recently posted about trying to contact pcom about an “error”. I was trying to get in touch with them because they had informed me that they were still going to send me my order even though I had been refunded already. I wanted to get in touch with them because I assumed it was error because I had never heard of a source doing this much to do right by the customer.

    I wanted to thank @Tiredandhot @Villain @B Ware @MisterSuperGod for looking out for me as a fellow member back in April and just to inform people of the efforts that @PharmacomLabs and @RThoads went to make thing right. I was not expecting this at all.

    I had been fairly critical of pcom back in April however I need to be fair and give credit where it is due because they went far beyond anything I would have expected.
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    It's anything wrong with the webpage? Can't access.
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    Me either right when I was going to order and stock up as it’s been a a couple years hopefully they get back up soon bitcoin been going down lol
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    Our site is down for several hours. There is nothing we could do on weekend.
    We are not disappearing. Stay calm, we will be back as soon as possible.
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  8. Hi, please do not worry, technical work is underway, access will be restored soon.
  9. Thank You for your feedback, we do our best to make the customer happy.. =)))
  10. Pay attention to PHARMA MIX 4.

    Each milliliter of PHARMA MIX 4 contains:
    - testosterone Phenylpropionate 130 mg.
    - Testosterone Decanoate 270 mg.
    - Nandrolone Phenylpropionate 70 mg.
    - Nandrolone Decanoate 130 mg.

    According to the content of the active substance, 1 vial of PHARMA MIX 4 is equivalent to 1.5 vials of 250 Testosterone and 2 vials of 100 Nandrolone.

    Buying PHARMA MIX 4, you get a classic course of Testosterone + Nandrolone in an ideal proportion of 2 to 1.

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    Hey guys,
    I just got shorted on a pretty large domestic order 5 vials of masteron. Got video of opening the pack. I'm in contest prep and can't wait to get the items in my next order. Wasn't sure who I needed to reach out to about making this right. Is there someone specific I need to speak to privately to get this fixed?
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    @Big.E89 You will need to contact the source directly via the "contact us" form on the source's site to explore the details of your specific situation.

    Here in this quote below I give more details regarding using the "contact us" form:
  13. Hi, we apologize for the inconvenience, please do not worry, if you need help, please write to me in private messages, I will do my best to help as soon as possible.
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    So you give these guys free gear because they’re competing or pros?
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    Just a quick question, have you already began shipping pending orders from W1? I still have a open order from March from W1. Status is still order processing. When do you expect normal shipping and restock from W1?
  17. Hi, athletes are chosen by the company's management.
  18. I answered you.