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    That is what I am getting at.its says all the labs everyone hates on here are g2g
  2. All of the labs tested by Anaboliclab so far were the 'big' UGL's who have been on the scene for some time. Geneza, Balkan, EC, etc.

    You guys don't honestly think that labs like these would survive for so many years if EVERYTHING they sold was bunk or under dosed all the time, do you?

    Be reasonable. People have been asking for unbiased testing for so long but when it doesn't fit their own experiences and preconceived ideas of quality they dismiss them as being suspicious. Wtf?

    There is nothing suspicious or suspect about Anaboliclab's testing, they have provided plenty of disclosure about how they operate and even appropriation of funds. There is only guys attempting to use the small number of tests that have been released so far to draw conclusions about labs and their products - it's going to take more than 1 batch of test results before you can do that with any accuracy.
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    I don't think anyone is questioning millard or his program. Its just a little surprising to see all these labs pass with flying colors
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  4. My post was directed at a couple of posts in the previous page who felt the program was suspect, or at least that is how I interpreted the comments. I apologize if that is not what they were saying.

    For the most part though - I agree. And yes, It is a bit surprising but not even close to being unbelievable or suspicious.
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    Curious brother!!! Have you made a contribution to anabolic labs ?? If not you should because after a year or so i believe its going to start paying dividends, and we will all be the beneficiaries.
    But if you have no intention of helping the cause because your " suspicious" or if your one of those guys thats gonna leach off the rest of us, well then i dont give a shit what you are "suspicious" of.
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    I am waiting for an order of various items from Pharcom INT store. I will update this thread or create a newer Pharmcom threa Already received one vial of their masteron. Will begin that this week and update.
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    And you are probably One the ones who say all those labs are bunk too rite and you donated as well
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    Thats not my point brother! My point is the more money donated the more testing that will take place and we will then be better able to separate the good from the bad.
    Also if these labs wish to stay in business they will have to bring their product quality up to an acceptable quality or they will fall to the wayside !!!
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    Just order some gear and find out for yourself. All you do is talk shit. Make a contribution. Like I have said. Franks gear isn't bunk it's just underwhelming compared to the quality I'm used to.
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    It doesn't say that anything is good to go. Learn how to read, comprehend and interpret information.

    It's not supposed to tell you that "x" lab is good to go. It's supposed to test one product of a lab at a particular time. If that product happens to test well at the time then it means that particular product is good when it was tested not the whole lab. With more tests being performed then later trends, consistencies and inconsistencies can be better worked out with particular labs. I don't find the results surprising at all, shocking I know but not everything out there is bunk or under dosed. The problem is people try to judge a whole lab from a single or a couple of tests of just a couple of compounds.
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    So....., selective scammers then?
    Or are you saying that the claims against them are false? Some might be but, the vast majority seem to dislike the product they received. Naps in general i speek of though
  12. No reasonable conclusion can be drawn yet based on just one round of test results, other than the UGL's that have been tested are at least capable of putting out a product that matches the labels claim or comes close. That shouldn't come as a huge surprise, the labs tested are some of the most popular and presumably resourceful UGL's on the market.

    I don't think selective scamming is going on.

    I don't think the claims customers are making are false either.

    I think it's way to early to attempt to draw such conclusions based on one batch of test results. We'll have a clearer picture after these labs have been tested again and again.

    Truthfully I don't think these huge UGL's are any better or any worse than any other lab, but if anyone is capable of meeting a labeled dosage it would most likely be the 'big' guys. That's just some speculation though, TIFWIW. I would bet if you gave any smaller operation with a better reputation than the big guys the same amount of exposure and same clientele size that they wouldn't fare much better either.
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    Sadly I thought this about axio/sciroxx they tossed a few duds in with my order every time. Kinda like a 60-40 ratio. Then when i complained he sent me underfilled vials. I complained again he said it only looks that way. I had already weighed the vial tared it and weigh 1ml of his "solution" and guess what? 8.5Mls per bottle. Do you know how lobg i was his return client? 2.5 years! You would think he'd wanna keep me happy. These guys get fat off us untill the fet caught. They get the same time for underdosed as they do properly dosed. So its all
    About make the money and get out. No ones really trying a label. Except maybe Pharmacom with the weird t shirst and medals.
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  14. Make no mistake - I'm not a fan of UGLs. I have no direct experience with this lab or any of the other ones tested, I am simply speaking about the results from Anaboliclab and how they should / shouldn't be interpreted. My statements about the test results in this thread apply not just to pharmacom but to all the other labs that have been tested.

    Your experience with Sxx is exactly why I'm not a fan of UGL. Sxx especially demonstrates how inept some UGL owners are. Dangerously inept.
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    Im glad we have this available here. It does give the ugls some accountability and its a valuable tool. I just think the results kinda where the opposite of what most of us expected. Especially EC and naps those are the two that got me thinking. I gotta better chance of driving to any corner and scoring a good supplier of weed or any drug than getting a quality ugl. But, At least we could sleep a lil better with the result and make better choices
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    well all I have seen you post was asking question after question..either buy some ugl gear or stfu...sorry to come off as a dick but look at all your posts asking senseless questions about Pharmacom gear..pull the trigger or don't... and NO I personally never used their gear and most likely wont but I wont sit in this thread like you and watch you make a descision in wether the gear is good or not and all you have done was asked questions you don't have a clue which is up or down at this point...
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    I believe many of these labs mix underdosed gear with legit vials all the time.Hell i bought a shit load of Dragon Pharma at the beginning of the sale last summer. Use to be great gear couple years ago. Anyway, while cruz' n on Test I had bloods drawn and so did my buddy. Same mg. My Test was low while his came back over 1500!!

    I have tren yet that one vial kicks ass the next seems half dosed.
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    Jesus...sounds like battered woman syndrome.
    Why the hell would you keep going back?
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    Wrong... They are not saying those labs are good to go... Actually at such a soon time with little test done it's not saying much at all... Just cause one compound comes back good means nothing. The point of this program is to overtime test and re test and re test diff batches to figure out what labs are the most consistent...
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    Pharmacom has a crazy production facility, real cool. I remember from this thread that Pharmacom produces batches in 100 litres or something. Is all that oil in one big container? Is it possible for the oil to be differently dosed in the container if left sitting without mixing regularly? Just wondering.

    Anyway, I tried Pharmacom Test-E 300mg/ml some months ago, it was good.
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