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    So annoying how I have to wait on bitcoins to get into my wallet due to coinbase's major lag with payments from my bank account. It says it'll be in my wallet by the 31st, hopefully the promo is still running

    btw has anyone tried mix 5 pwo? or is it mix 6? whichever one is the all base one
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  2. Drols

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    Depending on where you are, you can expect AT LEAST 2 weeks. my last order took 3 week. It sat at ics for 9 days. they're slow as fuck and have a poor system going on there.
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    You can use a credit card and get them instantly. I use a citi credit card and they don't count it as a cash advance.
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    @Pharmacom Helper I placed an order and sent an email regarding a change that needs to be made. The order and payment were confirmed so I was hoping this change was made prior to shipping. Please let me know if there's any way you can help with this.
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    What's the limits on the CC? My debt only has a 200 weekly limit. Bank account has 2,500 but it's 3-5 business days.
  6. Hello Sir, please send me your order NR in PM, I will check. Without this information I can't help with your issue
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    Place order and msg them .think he gives you time to pay for it
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    I think it vary"s depending on your bank or really on bitcoin because your limit changes over time . for example when I started buying I could only buy like 200 and day and now my limit is 6k a day .lol
    But I use them for work too so I do buy a lot
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    I'm going to send you a PM regarding an order that is worrying me if that's ok. Would appreciate some insight
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    I trust my own bloodwork only. You should do the same.
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    Has anyone tried the Pharm HGH?
    any good results? Bloods?
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    My order was seized and I've been trying to get into contact through wickr and the basic stero email system every day for almost two weeks now and nobody has gotten back to me. Does anybody know how to reach these guys? I've had an order seized before and they responded within the day, but I don't know whats going on this time around.
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    Check your spam
    @Pharmacom Helper you might wanna try to PM.
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    THanks guys,
    what about landmarkchem?
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    Hey guys question. Without giving to much information I've placed 3 orders to get the most out of the sale going on. My first order got here no issues and so did the 3rd but the second order is still in the original place where it's supposed to ship from. The weird part is order number 3 was placed 2 weeks after the second order. It's going on 3 weeks without any movement. Does that mean it's been seized or just plain lost. I thought the seizure would have happened once it hit US customs. Thanks for any insight
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    I recently had an ordered from another source out of HK seized in LA. The re-ship and my order from basicstero (shipped in 3 separate packages) have been sitting in LA for a week. I fear these may be seized as well. I even used a different name and shipping addy. I've never had issues when shipments went through NY, but LA appears to be opening everything :(
  18. Apopkared

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    What's weird about this order is that it's not in the US yet
  19. pfdaxe358

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    Sounds like it maybe lost if it hasn't reached US.
  20. Stung like a 5 lb wasp. Had to push it slooooowwww. Aggression and strength hit within 45 mins and seemed to peak at 1.5 - 2 hr mark.

    I would do 1/2 cc in each delt or each calf with slin pin. Injection sites stayed angry for 3 days. Lots of rotating is needed.

    Effective but I don't think I will be going back to it anytime soon.
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