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  1. Savagesteve

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    Still sitting in customs or says pre shipment? Only reason I’m asking is I’ve had a pack sit in customs like 2-3 weeks and my pack landed a few days before his reship deadline. Unless he caught the rona you’re shit is coming.
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    Thanks rep
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  3. rester

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    april 10? u came back from the future
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  4. Toni72

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    All is well, my package will arrive soon. PS SOLID
  5. pharmasource

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    Checked delayed packs to USA, most of them are now in USA :) processed
    Anyway, we lost some orders during Pangea, but NOT AT USA side, so no issue fro USA customers !

    small reminder for guys how to type the order :

    Hello David, I want to order some goods from you

    1 x Testo ENA 250mg 20ml - 45,- USD
    1 x tren ENA 200mg 20ml - 70,- USD
    I want to pay in BTC - sale 10% , and 10% sale for PS line
    115 USD , after sale 92,- USD , 117,- USD with shipping . Please send me BTC address.
    My shipping info is

    Mr. Davie Palumbo
    Big Belly rd. 230
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  6. Toni72

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    Td. eu. IMG_20200403_100724.jpg
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  7. Big joe315

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    Nice bro. Just ordered myself. Excited about sell!!!
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  8. marco11

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    Toni did you already order another package I wouldnt be suprised if you did
  9. zigax1

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    Have you package ever got siezed? What happend after that? Do you have to pay to the “customs” or had some trouble with police?
    Talking about European countries
  10. VaDImadi

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    Ive had a few packs get picked up by customs but they still let them through, but asked me to pay extra charges "import taxes"

    This was with hgh and im pretty sure they didnt know what it was

    If they know its steroids and decide to keep it, then you wont get in any trouble. You just deny all knowledge, they cant prove you have bought anything, only that someone has sent something to you

    Obviously if it happens repeatedly then they will have cause to get you in trouble but a one off is no problem.
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  11. wildfuchs

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    This is partially a myth/bullshit insofar denial of purchase hasn't been a valid defense in many years if it ever was, and a purchase can indeed be traced back to you unless you're very thorough in your crypto operations.

    You're correct in that a first customs seizure will most likely result in just a letter and a fine worst case but if this happens a second time, get prepared for a raid.
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  12. VaDImadi

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    You just agreed with what i said

    I said, first time, no problem, cant essentially be put down to a mistake

    But if it happens repeatedly, it will be a probem

    And thats what you said also
  13. wildfuchs

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    Reread please, I disagreed with this part: "You just deny all knowledge, they cant prove you have bought anything"
  14. Toni72

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    Yes friend. I had already said that I met in my trunk testo and hmg. About 200 ml omnadren sustanon aspen testo E aburuyan and 20 hmg.
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  15. Tren91

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    Omnadren is top quality.How much you use of it and does is give you PIP?
  16. marco11

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    I didn't like the Omnadren it had some pip and was like syrup to pin with a slin pin but the Balkan Sust was smoother than butter.
  17. Toni72

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    I never pip with ps or pharma products, except mix tren-test and dhb = tolerable pip. Each man reacts differently, you have to give it a try to find out.
  18. randomguy87

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    What do the PS tablets look like, are they easy to half and actually be equal? Mainly wondering about anastrozole/tamoxifen and var/tbol.
  19. Toni72

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    They are very well made, white, hard enough to divide in 2 without disintegrating lol. These same for anastrazol tbol all except mk678 are white with gray patch and Anavar are green. Always very good ps products.
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  20. Savagesteve

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    Never had an issue using a pill splitter.
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