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  1. size26s

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    odd I emailed yesterday and got a reply right away lol
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  2. Revilo2016

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    I emailed today and he replied within 30 minutes .
  3. Savagesteve

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    Anyone had a TD recently? Curious the amount of time it’s taking with all this coronavirus shit going on. I know the usual is a couple of weeks but it’s taking forever just to show it hit customs.
  4. size26s

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    My last one took almost a month. Sat for a week after customs
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  5. Savagesteve

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    Okay thanks man. I knew it was going to be slower than usual but just didn’t know if it was going to be a ridiculous amount of time.
  6. DecaDick

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    still waiting on mine from last month on the 10th
  7. jJjburton

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    I have had his tested anastrozole for 1 yr and half. Still perfect and hard pills to
    Split. They lasted forever and his cialis I dont need anymore unless I crash e2. Still have 30 of each and they are good. They didnt melt or disinergrate like when people use crappy fillers.
    So the pills are good to still split after some time goes by.
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  8. Savagesteve

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    I’ve only had one batch of cialis that crumbled and that was ages ago.
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  9. Toni72

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    I got my package on April 4, every 9 days.
  10. Savagesteve

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    You’re also in the EU...
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  12. Juris93

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    Solved, they replied me in few hours
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  13. pharmasource

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    Soon will be updated pricelist.

    actually stocked
    MODAFINIL 50x75mg / 40,- USD
    clenbuterol 100x0,04 / 15,- USD
    Tiratricol 30x1mg / 15,- USD

    Oxandrolone 100x25mg
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  14. b4tm4n

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    Pangea is over in Germany? Nice try. Lol
  15. wildfuchs

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    Do you have any trustworthy information on its ongoings? As a German, things seem to be as usual.
  16. Toni72

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    All is well for Europe. Well done PS
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  17. 17Alpha

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    Just google PANGEA XIII. It was from 3. till 10. of march 2020
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  19. rester

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    never seen modafinil dosed 75mg, interesting
  20. TheAngryHog

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    Just had one TD this week, funds were sent middle of March, slower than his past deliveries but honestly I'll take it considering the state of things.
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