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    Thanks guys
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    My old batch of MK677 were white with grey/brown patches but the latest MK677 I received are solid dark green like chlorophyll. I wouldn't complain if it was Anavar by accident :)

    However, I'd make a guess, especially at the moment, the fillers will change based on fluctuating availability.
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    I think these Anavar. Can you put a picture?
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    There ya go buddy

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    So I (newbie) found out about tren and cardio, and lived to tell about it!
    A few days ago, I ran into a slightly chubby friend while hiking outdoors. We were beside a lake, and he challenged me to a swimming race out and back about 200 meters. Now I haven't been doing as much cardio since quarantine, but I did swim team in high school and 500m was my event, plus come on - he was chubby. I laughed him off and finally offered to do it as long as I could give him a 3 second head start. OMG I got about 50m out and was like, "am I gonna fucking drown out here?" I basically drafted him the whole way, then sprinted right at the end and just beat him, but just barely didn't drown. Anyways, who else would understand except for my Meso PS buds? :D Y'all have a good one...
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    There’s a post a while back where PS mentioned he was going to start having colored satchels and pills. I’m assuming it’s just to be able to tell them apart?
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    Whether this actually happened or not is still hilarious.. lol!
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    it is not Anavar, there is a change in charge ingredients. Ps is solid, but you are right to ask the question. If these mk677 you have effects very quickly, lethargy, hunger, increase in weight with 25mg or more. With anavar these different. Take care of yourself
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    anyone tired or got labs for the PHARMASTAR

    HGH ,,PINK TOPS,, Chinese ?
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    Guys, please dont make this statements ,,if it was Anavar by accident,, You make a panic without any reason !
    Of course ITS NOT anavar. New batch of MK-Ibutamoren is made in Chlorella, so its dark green and bigger tablets.
    Anavar have very different color.
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  11. woolymaggot

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    To clarify, mine are definitely NOT Anavar

    Mine have all the effects I'd expect from MK677 which I have eluded to previously.

    If anyone read my post and thought it may imply anything it again. I do appreciate that even joking can cause misinterpretation.

    To be clear, if I had any doubts, I wouldn't be on this forum. Out of all the sources I've come across, this is definitely one of the better.
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    Do you ship to Germany now? Pangea is over and still receiving packages from other EU countries.
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    I jut got my parcel, exactly 2 week from payment.
    But some products are missing. Just sent an email.
    Anavar and salbutamolo from pharmastar line are legit.
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    He’s stated before on here that depending on the size of the order if it comes in multiple packs.
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    You order something every week huh ?
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    Email him
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    Not his style lol
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    I have already made e-mails for 4 days and no response. The virus is the cause ...
  20. Maybe he's just tired of trying to decipher the gobbledygook you call a language and gave up trying to answer you.
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