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    Sure. Not that it’s simply you and TRT who constantly try to stir the pot in this thread. If I didn’t reply, one of you would say something else. That’s how you both are.

    Everything I said is true and was reiterated by 3-4 others the same day. Yet, in your typical fashion, you ride my dick and claim it’s purely my ‘constant love’ though :D A smart one you are.
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    My sixth order with PS landing.
    Packaging and quality has increased.
    All the stuff are ok.
    Thanks you PS!
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    Ya I asked about the GH cause I think it's BUNK! I dont stick up for the guy after someone says something negitive about him like you do every damn time and yes I have ordered from him before and after...dumbass.
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    ^how is me offering a DIFFERENT source for HGH sticking up for PS? Or my posting about the state of things? I simply stated that packaging and overall business has improved, and you comment that I’m taking up for PS. What about the poster DIRECTLY ABOVE YOU? Or the 5+ members who said the same thing I did. Are they fanboys too? Lol no, you and @movingiron88 simply choose to have a hard on for me and comment any time I make a post.

    I comment here a couple times a month now. You both sound ridiculous. Just pass over my posts if you don’t like them? Simple.
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    It's pretty simple tool bag. Those of us who are members of this forum not just the PS thread get sick of shills like you jumping to the sources defense every chance you can get. PS is a grown man and can answer for himself.

    You should try something new and venture outside of this thread for once. There is a whole forum full of knowledge and great members you have yet to explore.

    But this will go right over your head and you will turn this into a petty fight like you always do.

    Those of you who care, take a gander @jackbladezzz post history and decide for yourself.
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    Again, point out where I ‘took up’ for PS as you continuously claim?

    If you’re referring to me answering somebody who asked if PS takes off for the weekend, my comment blatantly said it applies to all sources and legitimate businesses as well. No reason to get worked up if you haven’t received a response in ONE day. Which, as I’ve stated numerous times, multiple other members agree with and said the exact same thing. Yet, you find no problem with them, only my posts.

    I answered a question, but in usual fashion, you take it as an opportunity to try and start shit. And to reiterate a third time, I find it funny you call me a shill, yet I tell people to shop elsewhere for HGH. You make blanket statements and continue rambling on, but never justify anything you claim. Yet I’m the tool, haha ok.
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    Unlike you I can walk away from a pointless arguement. I will continue to call a spade a spade. Good day
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    Haha, figures....when asked to produce a single shred of evidence towards what you’re claiming, it’s time for you to ‘walk away’. Thank you for confirming that your posts are meaningless shots at me. Cheers :p
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    @pharmasource , what's your answer in regards to the hgh. have you had it tested
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    what about trt saying it is bunk
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    Well, he kinda said it is too cheap to be legit. Not like he he tested it or provided bloods
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    So as far as ordering with this guy.... do you usually hear back with any info as far as what's going on with your order.. shipped, any tracking, any info at all if it's been processed. Or do you just send money and keep fingers crossed until it arrives? Asking cause I placed an order around 9 days ago and haven't heard pretty much anything.
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    Where are you from?
  16. Ideally, it should take 4 emails.

    1) Place order, send shipping info.
    2) Source sends you payment info.
    3) You pay, then notify source that payment is ready.
    4) Source verifies and confirms successful payment.

    From there, you wait for it to hit your mailbox.

    If it doesn't show up within a reasonable amount of time or you get a letter from customs, you then take it up with the source through email or PM.
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    I agree with this statement. I’m not worried about the raws as much as I am the finished product. With that being said, I still didn’t see the primo in the testing lineup.
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    Testing the finished product is fine. I am sitting on 60ml of his primo myself. I would pick up more if i knew the stuff was tested at or around its stated numbers.

    Right now all i have to go on when i am ready to pin is the reviews Savage posts.

    Regardless PS is a reputable source and should have the financial ability to test his stuff. I am glad to see some of the oils going out for tests.

    PS do you always use the same Raws supplier?
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    do you know what lab is he using for testing
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    Not specified. I am going to go back and check before my edit window closes

    EDIT: I went back and found no indication where he is going to be doing this round of testing. Here is a link to the original post where he first mentions this upcoming round of testing.
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