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    Think he meant he’s waiting on the tests to come back from the samples that PS sent.

    I have a feeling that PS will have an increased level of orders if they all come back within 10% of dosage
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    I remember items getting sent in a hot minute ago but I remember a lot of PRL gear and not all came back too favorable but “decent”
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  4. Yikes. No way i'm coring myself like an apple with one of those. Hey, if it works for you, more power to you, brother.
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    I used to shoot with 25g pins. I quit using them cause it took to long to get the oil into the muscle. I made the switch to 23g pins and its a quicker process. I dont think i even notice that the pin is bigger pain wise.
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    I went with a smaller gauge for reduced scar tissue.
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    I like using a 18g to pull then just switch over to a 25-27g or whatever you prefer. The Money spent is well worth it for a lot less hassle.
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    For me it's the same i was pinning everyday a month ago i switched to 23g for now because my pharmacist only had those atm and i cant tell the difference only the injection and the pulling is slower
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    I am using 25G or 28G . Heating oil for 45dg. cca before pin, interesting, that 25G is better for absorption like 28G, my experience.
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  10. Yep! Same...I use 25 in my Glutes. 27-31 guage in my shoulders. Takes 2 minutes to fill the 31 gauge syringe with Test Cyp, but like u said, reduced scar tissue, significantly
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    Didn't you say the other day that
    How does pharmasource compare to farmacom
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    Random question, anyone have experience with Pharmacom
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    Maybe the ones, who are posting in the pharmacom threads
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    Never ran pcom but like @17Alpha said, check their threads
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    Hey man I have checked out their thread a bunch of times but with Fanboys ( or fangirls, don't want to offend the lady's or if anyone has gender assumption issues or thePC left wing white night crowd xD) it's hard to get a pulse, I thought I would ask what people exogenous to their thread thought of them may have more value. The people over there seem very pleased, prices are much higher tho. I've got an order from pharmasource waiting at customs as soon as I get it I'm putting in another one, but I've promised some friends some stuff and since it's not my money wanted other people's 2 cents. Hope this offends no one. Some People here seem to have dosing complaints with pharmasource but it's so hard without blood work or someone sending things to be lab tested independently to tell if it's the gear or their expectations or lack of sleep, diet yada yada yada. The person representing pharmasource here seems nice and legit and prices are very good. So that being said any feedback from anyone that has used Pharmacom and switched to pharmasource is very welcome! Again don't want to clutter thread and hope it's relevant
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    it's disrespectful to this source to discuss another source in this thread, please don't do that
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    You know you can create a thread asking this?? Like @rpbb said it’s disrespectful to ask about a different source in a source’s thread.
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    fair enough:)
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    OK thanks not familiar to how this works:)
  20. Not to be a dick but it’s common sense... you wouldn’t go to your weed man and say “hey how is the weed from the guy down the street”