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    I didn't find the 200 that bad, 250 does have a kick to it.
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    HGH info

    Still waiting for test results. If will be good, HGH STARTROPIN
    120IU box ( 5x24IU ) / 160,- USD
    Water not included

    BIONITROPIN ( Bioniche )
    100IU / 160,- USD
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    This is the perfect example of a compound that is so good on paper, actually I think it would be my favorite, but human body just can’t take it, I think no one can actually stand bold ace (I never tried bold prop but blindly trust what you say about).

    I’ve heard many people mixing cyp with und. and found it a good compromise, anyone?
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    how is the startropin package presented? There are box and labels ? Or only vials in a sachet? If you can, put some pics. Price is good if correctly doses.
  5. pharmasource

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    Yes 5 vials with labels in box.
    Will be posted after lab. tests
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    The next time i stock up on drugs bold cyp is on my list to try. EQ and the long ester is such a turn off for me.
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    Of course your liver enzymes were elevated dude you were using 2 orals with milk thistle lmao
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    My liver values for example are above 300 natty and they don’t raise much when I use orals, last time I was using two orals and nothing changed.
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    Of course, that goes without saying! However, it is very much elevated. Also, are you saying Milk Thistle is raising the ALT values as well? Got any source on that, because the research papers I have read says it helps lowering the ALT values and are protecting the liver.
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    That is really high (says my doc), according to the links on my lab results the interval should be between 10-70 U/L
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    What’s its redeeming qualities, vascularity? More athletic ability?
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    My reference values are 1-31 (GOT) and 1-38 (GPT), in the last blood work I had 326 (meaning 32.6) GOT and 923 (92.3) GPT. I had those levels when I was younger also, I did a ton of exams, and he cause seems to be “stress” nothing more than just “stress”, no liver damages, nothing.

    @TorroXL my friend, did you receive the link I sent you?
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    Oh ya, I’m In trouble now
  14. I think he’s trying to say that milk thistle isn’t helping much. Try drinking fresh squeezed lime juice daily, it’s very good for the liver
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    Thats a new one on me. Thanks for the info Terminator.
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    Yeah me too. In fact, both statements are new to me. I was convinced that Milk Thistle was the go to remedy for protecting the liver.
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  17. I believe it’s the vitamin c + antioxidants. Fresh lime juice was part of my dads regiment to get rid of fatty liver as a result of alcohol and bring his enzymes back in range.
  18. Milk thistle can help, but idk if it’s gonna be a potent liver protector.
  19. As far as I know, if you want to be covered in a broad spectrum regarding liver, you should take Milk Thistle, NAC and most importantly TUDCA.

    I personally have the first two. Thoughts on NAC by the way?
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    NAC is very important, it also showed a reduction of doms when taken constantly.
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