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    DHB has the reputation for some delayed PIP. Might want to watch out for that.
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    Aburaihan test enanthate lab test, blind sample, done by jano, got these from Pharmasource
    Test Report #03482.png Abuhairan.jpeg
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    M1T - SOLD OUT

    TESTO ENA 250 and 350mg - SOLD OUT
    tren ACE - SOLD OUT
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    TD from the “lost pack”. Everything accounted for besides what I had missing in an order about 6 months ago(been trying to get it forever now). Plenty of freebies as well. Guess he waits 30 days for a reason :eek:
  7. Did the tracking # show movement of your package or did the items just show up on your door steps?

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    Finally updated once it hit country and then regular tracking updates to the house.
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    How long for a package to sit at customs without an update before it starts to become a concern? I’m on day 8 with no update once it hit the US. I’m not sure what the general rule of thumb is. For now I guess I’ll just be patient and hopefully it goes through.
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    I’ve had it up to 6 and then went out. Also had it where it never updated from customs and just showed up at my house.
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    Thanks for the input, I’ve never had issues except for one time (not this source). I figured I might have been getting anxious but maybe I’m just excited haha. I’ll be patient and see what happens
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    I've had packages remain at customs up to almost 1 month! No tracking updates...and then BOOM! They show up at my Unless you receive a letter from customs, it's safe to assume the package is [waiting] to be processed.
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    Hey Bro, just curious...what mg is your DHB per ml? I brewed some at 100mg/ml, and I'm having problems with it holding. After about three days I can see the oil start to crystalize.
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    PS’s list has it brewed at 100mg/ml
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    Has anyone heard from Frank? He usually responds to my emails within 24 hours and 48 hours at the latest. It's been 4 days now.
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  19. His response time tends to be longer during promo events, obviously hiring for seasonality in this industry isn't easy.
    I would wait another 24 hours and then email him again.

  20. Thought he was David? Who the hell is Frank?
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