Phreezer's First cycle FAQ

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Phreezer, Dec 14, 2003.

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    For a response, post your question in the forum below.
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    Just some experience talking here. I went to basic training after my 3rd cycle in a row. You lose pretty much everything. The cardio that is givin to you is way more than you can sustain your mass. I would wait until after basic. That was a big mistake for me. Looking good for a bunch of guys for a couple months? Doesn't sound right does it LOL
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    Never injected before and this helped a lot. Thanks for the writeup Phreezer
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    Every newbie should read this.
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    Hats off to you bro!!! This is one fine piece of reading material, I made a thread introducing myself and asking a few questions and texasguy sent me the link to this, and I gotta tell ya, I didn't know a damn thing, I'm reading and reading and reading which is cool because I find myself learning and learning and learning lol. Anyways I just wanted to tell you how much I apreciate the thread! I'm interested in starting a cycle, have never used before. I saw on your model for the first cycle what you recomended, and there are tons of products, My question to you is, is that the best one for trying to get ripped or cut? I'm 6'2, 280, and was told today that my bf% is 18, if that helps! anyways thinks for the info bro!

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    hey, just finished boot and OCS, lost alot of weight and muscle and tryin to put some back on.

    im gonna start cycle #1 next month (after i get the rest of the money to pick up the gear) and i wanted to know if i'd be alright if i only took nolva (i cant get my hands on any clomid or hcg) for my pct.

    if so, how much and at what frequency?


    yes, 20mg daily would be fine... I would say for about 3-5 weeks or so.. try to get some HCG to help you out too..
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    Is that you in your user picture?

    If so, (and I'm not trying to be rude so please don't take it that way) you are quite a bit more than 18% BF. Just from looking at your face and neck I'd say you are in the upper 20's possibly even 30% range..

    The best thing you can do for yourself right now is just to work out and be consistant about it. Add in some cardio three or four days a week for 20-30 minutes (even if it's just walking around town or on the treadmill) I think you should get your BF tested at the Ymca or your local clinic. If you knew exactly what your BF was.. I think it would help your motivation!

    I know I didn't give you the answer that you wanted.. but what I told you really will help you out.. LMK if there's anything else I can help you with!

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    your probably right about the bf%, I live in a small town, we have one gym, lucky for me it's open 24 hrs, I don't like going in there during the day because mostly old women are there, but I went and the manager of the place, he's 65, told me thats what my bf was, but he's probably as lost as I am when it comes to that stuff. Anyhow I do work out 3 times a week, at least. I don't use anything not even shakes, tried creatine once, didn't feel like it made a diffrence so I stopped. Have been looking on here at diets and what not, and have noticed that mine is far from what is recomended on here, like i said I'm new to this whole thing really. Thanks for your time.
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    Best thing you can do for yourself is diet bro.. Cut out the simple carb stuff for the most part.. Avoid processed breads too... Eat your stuff on whole wheat... Try to avoid anything that is deep fried.. Saturated fats combined with simple carbs are waaaayyy bad for dieting... Avoid fat free ice cream too.. if you have to eat ice cream eat real and regular ice cream.. I know it's got more fat but on a glycemic level it's way better to have the fat to help absorb that sugar than to just have an insulin spike from the simple carbs with no fat to help absorb it (this is weird I know as they market fat free ice cream to dieters..but in reality it's actually worse for people trying to lose weight) Although eating ice cream at all is bad for dieting...

    Your diet should be mostly proteins.. eat lots of leafy veggies.. eat complex carbs like whole grain breads and whole grain rice... I know it's tough but avoiding processed foods and soda will make a very noticable difference in you within just one month! Try to add in some cardio at the end of your workout sessions.. or go for a 30 minute walk on days you don't lift... You'd be suprised how much this would help you..!

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    Thanks a lot phreezer, I apreciate the advice, and will defiantely try it! I'll keep ya posted as to what the results are.
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    I was always under the impression adex was run at .25 EOD???
    why .5 Eod or was it ED???
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    hi guys, i opted for cycle 3 as a novice and it been my "first time". i just lowered the dosages slightly, the Dianabol oral 20mg day, sus250inj i kept at 500mg week, in two 250 doses, the deca-pronabol
    at 200mg( due to miscalculation on my part i ordered enough mg of the stuff only to realise the amps are 2ml id need 3ml pw, n i aint storing something for 7 days im going to whack into my body when the seals broken )
    i enjoy my diet, my weight gains dont feel too "watery" ive gained 20lbs since starting cycling(im on week 4)
    now, all been well and upon finishing my pct im hoping to "harden" off the mass gained.. and lose the retained water i do have.
    my goals was, too gain 42lbs(or thereabouts) of quality muscle mass , in the next 18months
    my question is, how long before i can either repeat this cycle or do another one after pct?
    and out of curiosity, i was 252lbs( muscular) before medical problems made me take time out four years ago, is muscle memory real or myth?
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    Great Post Phreezer!!!
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    I'm a new user, and it's my first cycle and I'm taking Test E, and was wondering what testosterone blocker I should get, and/or other supplements to take to keep the production of testosterone going and not be released so I wouldn't get small testicles or not be able to get an erection. Help please. What should I do?
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    HI Phreezers,

    I just read all the posts, and retained some good info... Here are my stats and background. 35, 6feet tall, 175 , 7% bf, i like to run, play tennis, squash, and to stay lean. Ive been working out for years, but nothing radical. I have hit a wall with my gains for the past 3 years. I don't want to bulk up with fat in order to gain my muscle, and want to stay lean.

    I would like to kick start my workouts with a mild cycle. 10 lean pounds would be ideal. no bigger, and keep my BF around the same. I don't want to inject as I don't have anybody I would ask to do it, and don't think I could do it myself.

    I am thinking of doing a simple DBOL 20mg a day with novadex. I think 4 weeks I could make goal, and stop... Any adivice how to retain the gains assuming I make goal? Any thoughts for me?? thanks for your help.
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    can someone please give me a 4 week (if long enough) clen/cytomel cycle...
    I want to lose as much as I can in 4 weeks..THANK YOU GUYS !!
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    phreezer, can you give us the real names ir the names i will have to aske the pharmasist, as the abbreviations are confusing. sust, d-bol, deca.
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    Phreezer ??

    First timer here. Quick question to be safe because I am quite confused.

    This is my plan from what I read about dosing, this is what I got from it.

    Dianabol oral 20mg day.Take this daily right? For 4 weeks.

    sus250mg injection once on Monday the another 250mg on Thursday? Repeat Monday then Thursday up to 8 weeks?

    deca-pronabol 200mg once a week say Wensday for 4 weeks? All 3 of these together at the same time correct?

    Oh, and I need take nothing else after I am done. Just quit taking them and then do another cycle, what, 2 months out?

    Just a little scared to do my first, want to make sure I do it right? Thanks.
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    Pheezer i have sustannon 250 and cycle one looks good for a first cycle. But how do i not lose everything i gained during the cycle. And if i want to start a second cycle how long do i wait after my first?