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    And that's a good thing? I wonder if the truckers they pull over can say that to the cops if they've driven more than 8 hours.

    Wonder what @gr8whitetrukker has to say?

    Troopers along with meter maids are two professions we can largely do without.
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    I dont know what you need to know? Commercial trucking and airline pilots are the only professions that are forced to log their hours of duty per federal govt regs. For the majority of interstate commerce is done on the 14 hr rule. 11 hrs of driving maximum and 3 hrs on duty not driving. Followed by 10 consecutive hrs off duty. 70hrs total maximum per week. Im not going to dive in to all the particulars of interstate and intrastate commerce and individual state regulations like the texas regs which are infact different than the other states for alot of reasons. Also i bet you wouldnt care for me to break it down and i dont want to either
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    Railroad engineers and conductors have to log theirs also.
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    I wasn't challenging the trucking business just saying that cops get away with working stupid long shifts or multiple shifts that'd land others on the road behind bars or at least with suspensions. And I don't think cops get any better after a long shift either. They're already edgy enough
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    So police kill 2x as many white people as black people, despite the fact that black people commit 1.5x more felonies(and 6x more per capita). And blacks also shoot cops 4x more often per capita as whites.

    So I suppose a fair question is, why are police officers indiscriminately killing so many white people?
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    IMO. You have small minorities of racist in America. You have a a very small minority of bad cops. Most people are over the racist thing. One of the main contributors to keeping racism alive and well are the isolated stories over a country with 400 million people by constantly barraging people with negative stories. (Media)
    Why not publish the millions of stories of people helping each other?
    The divide continues as the negative media continues to be pumped into the mainstream
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    Based off that chart above and other similar sources. Police shot and killed maybe 100 people in a country with 400 million. Probably at least half were justified. Now 1 unjustifiable death is too many. But compared to 400+ million people!!?? I think the police are doing great.

    I feel some in the world don’t want unification. They want the divide alive and well
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    Very few WHITE racists in the US, at least outside the Democratic party which is racist to the core.

    The problem with cops isn't racism, it's their us/them attitude where everyone is an enemy and they're hyper paranoid and ready to pounce on anyone who doesn't crawl in the dirt before their feet.

    Also, racism as a word has become meaningless.
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    The idea of completely weeding out racism is unrealistic. There will always be some white supremacy group or black panther type group. The goal is to have 99% of the population not racist. I feel we are closer than ever. But constantly barraging the world with isolated cases of racist behavior or even debatable racist behavior is completely keep people aggravated and divided.

    Let’s try to find stories on the web of neighbors helping each other, all the good police do, selfless acts of kindness, looking out for one another. If the barrage of posts and publishes were all positive the world would be close to perfect. But, every single day we have to read about (1) case, of (1) person out of 400 million on the front page somewhere further fueling flames. These people barraging us are acting as if the country is in civil war.
    KNOCK IT OFF. post stories of compassion and charity
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    Gov. Jerry Brown is refusing to allow advanced DNA testing that might finally resolve the question of who committed the murders, even though Cooper’s defense would pay for it. Brown refuses to allow even advanced testing of the blond or brown hairs that were found in the victims’ hands.

    This is the story of a broken justice system. It appears that an innocent man was framed by sheriff’s deputies and is on death row in part because of dishonest cops, sensational media coverage and flawed political leaders — including Democrats like Brown and Kamala Harris, the state attorney general before becoming a U.S. senator, who refused to allow newly available DNA testing for a black man convicted of hacking to death a beautiful white family and young neighbor. This was a failure at every level, and it should prompt reflection not just about one man on death row but also about profound inequities in our entire system of justice.
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    I hate when the media says: “black man” “white teen” “Muslim man” “Jewish man”
    Creates immediate divide. In 2018 it should be “man/women” races:”mankind”

    Isn’t everyone exhausted from racial indifferences? Jesus Christ. We are all the same.
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    Blood Will Tell - PART I
    Blood Will Tell

    The murder of Mickey Bryan, a quiet fourth-grade teacher, stunned her small Texas town. Then her husband, a beloved high school principal, was charged with killing her. Did he do it, or had there been a terrible mistake?

    Blood Will Tell - PART II
    Blood Will Tell

    Joe Bryan has spent the past three decades in prison for the murder of his wife, a crime he claims he didn’t commit. His conviction rested largely on “bloodstain-pattern analysis” — a technique still in use throughout the criminal-justice system, despite concerns about its reliability. Should this type of forensic science remain in the courtroom?

    How an Unproven Forensic Science Spread Through the Criminal Justice System
    Bloodstain-pattern analysis has been accepted as reliable evidence by appellate courts in one state after another with little or no examination of its scientific accuracy.
    How an Unproven Forensic Science Spread Through the Criminal Justice System

    [Editorial] Bad Blood
    Opinion | Bad Blood
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