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    Lol, Dragon’s Blood? It’s albuterol, Lipo B, B6 & B12.
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    Yea Dragons blood. That sounds like fun. Put that on the next sale. Get us all hooked.
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    My vote is NPP
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    The dragons blood is like liquid adrenaline to me. Dam, it gets my heart going quickly.

    Nice choice
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  5. Proviron, clomid or that red stuff guys just mentioned.
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    NPP. I'd really like to try an NPP/Test/ Primo stack!
  7. My vote goes for tren ace stanny!
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  8. tren e!! Wildcard
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    Perfect domestic t/a and 3 cc of primo e into to both ass cheeks and I'm still walking fine. Did not expect it to be so smooth. Cant thank you enough stanny.
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    Dragon's blood!
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  11. Curious as to how you guys utilize this in your cut cycle..i have some experience with Helios (injectable clen and Yohimbine) ie two weeks on and two off. What is the recomended protocol for this albuterol mix?
  12. Pretty much the same thing. Only difference is the added amino acids and the b12. I would use it the same way i would helios. Me personally, i would inject upon waking and jump straight on the treadmill. The effects of the stimulant are immediate so once you get on the treadmill you are already feeling the albuterol. So, fasted cardio upon waking and wait at least 30 minutes later before your first meal. Do that 3 to 4 times a week while cutting. The 2 weeks on 2 weeks off would be a good idea if your going to use this every day as it will desensitize your receptors just like clenbuterol.
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  13. Knowing how busy you are....Thank you Sir for such a detailed reply...!
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    Pinned the primo 3 times so far. No pip. Planing on running around 500-600 a week for 15. Added it to my tren mast Anavar cycle for the last 4 weeks
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    On the Anavar 50 mg how much would u use a day 50 or 100. And any guys running it and results
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    I’m running 100 for the last 4 weeks or so. I like it an hour before workout or so
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    So u dont split it up because of half life. How are the gains
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    Just curious what kinda gains are you expecting from Anavar? I’m pretty lean. I always take it to give me an extra hard, vascular look. It gives you a great pump. But I mostly use it on top of tren and mast for a contest or just to get extra lean
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    Just to get more solid I am pretty vascular but always looking for more just not more in my legs wife says veins in my calfskin and legs look aweful
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    I’m running the
    I been doing 100/100/150 M/W/F with 50mg Var AM; 25mg ProPM. I have two dates I want to be a little drier on. I’ll likely just drop the test and miss my Primo Shots a week before each. Then resume until September.

    Nikki is Doing 50mg Prim E5 day.