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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Trenity, Aug 15, 2018.

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    That’s the message I was looking for lol
  2. ickyrica

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    100% Bostonian cunt. It's a regional thing.
  3. Cityofgrit

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  4. gunsrus

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    Dang guys, I need new shit to read!
  5. Neewbiest guy

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    Wellll if you're into dramas then you can go ahead and head over to the Symbiotics (U.S. Domestic) thread. All sorts of good stuff over there right now. :D
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  6. TheObjective1

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    I read as much as possible I saw some TDs hows his a drop,test C and Dbol?
    T/A pretry quick.?? Thanks gents
  7. Another Pristine TD. Dude is like Tom Brady.
  8. gunsrus

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    Dont ever insult @Trenity like that again. Psh....tom brady... smh

  9. With all them kids, he's more like Mike Brady from the Brady Bunch. Only difference is Trenity isn't gay... Or his he? No, probably not, being married and all... Then again, the real Mike Brady was married (yes, to a woman) and gay...

    The plot thickens...
  10. Right!....I forgot he’s got like 12 Lil ones running around. Lol more like Mike Brady for sure. Hahaha
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  11. T-Bagger

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    Only problem is, Mike Brady only fathered his 3 boys, whom I can only presume he groomed.
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  12. Fingers crossed for a touchdown today.
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  13. murray312

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    Just sign up for ups informed delivery and you can see everything that's headed your way.
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  14. Doesnt that remove plausible deniability though and where do I sign up on the website?
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    No people use it for all of their mail. Just Google USPS informed delivery and follow the steps. It shows you all your mail and packages. Its easier than bugging a source for tracking. Its worth it in imo.
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  16. murray312

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    Don't sign up for the new e,signature they started that seems like entrapment to me.
  17. gunsrus

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    I use this as well. No e sig though. Fuxk that shit.
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  18. Trenity

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    Are you insinuating that I deflate my packs to get them where they're going more accurately??;)

    Mike Brady only had 3, 6 with the step kids...fucking rookie.

    Everybody should have ID. Makes life so much easier. ID shits the bed for a few days every month but it's still pretty awesome.
  19. 350lift

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    tren check pm pls
  20. Trenity

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    Just replied bro.
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