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Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by insaiyan93, Jan 27, 2016.

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    On my heavier meat days, 30+ oz, I'm barely able to sleep in the same room as myself. Shit gets toxic.. my wife HAS kicked me out of my own room on multiple occasions. Especially when you build up a pocket of rank ass under the sheets, and then she turns and let's the flood gates open, lol.
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    You guys ever look into digestive enzymes? Might help with the gas.
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    Haha I was almost served divorce papers until I stopped eating milk products! Now I eat ice cream before I come home if she gets under my skin :D:D
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  4. Kakarot

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    Do they really help that much?
  5. ickyrica

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    They can, beano helps me for gas obviously. If it's just general digestive help a probiotic would be best I think.
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    I don't really get alot of gas but I could shut down a Walmart if I took a dump thereo_O
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    3000 miles to Graceland. That was the key phrase to have the money cleaned. Older movie, maybe before your time?
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    2001 - I would hope not! Anyone born in at least the 80s should have seen it.
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    Well it is Rated-R. Lol
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    I've seen almost every Kurt Russell movie ever. Soldier is still #1. The Thing is a close 2nd.
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    No love for Escape from New York? Now that is definitely before your time, hell its just about before my time.
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    Snake Pliskin is an action god.... but out of the two, escape from LA was better.
    He hijacked a convertible by surfing up next to it.... I don't think that's ever been tried anywhere else
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    That rivals sharknado.
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    Man I just saw that they made a sharknado 4..... how and who keeps funding these?
  15. ickyrica

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    I have no clue haha. Snake Pliskin deep dicks any sharknado movie anyway! It's a serious cult classic for some reason...
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  16. insaiyan93

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    Chest and triceps today
    1.flat bb press
    1x5 135lb
    1x3 185lb
    3x2 225lb
    3x3 205lb
    3x5 185lb

    2.incline Db press
    1x10 70lb
    4x6 85lb

    3.cable crossover
    1x12 25lb
    1x12 30lb
    1x12 35lb
    1x10 42.5lb

    5.incline DB fly
    4x12 45lb

    6.close grip bench
    4x8 135lb paused

    7.standing OH tricep rope extension
    4x10 50lb

    8.tricep pushdown straight bar
    1x15 50lb
    1x15 65lb
    1x12 80lb
    1x10 95lb

    9.reverse grip tri extebsion
    4x10 70lb

    Ok workout. Saw this fuckin kid with quads the same size as my fuckin biceps squat 350 for a double and that fuckin infuriated me cuz i know i cant do that right now lol.... so i just ordered 100 vials of test 50 vials of tren and 500 dbol tabs...

    Just kidding, but it certainly made me want to hahahah

    Weighed in at 278lb so thats my lowest so far so thats a good thing.
  17. Leancuisine

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    What's the end weight goal?
    Fricken awesome job so far.

    tren is pretty yummy. Eagerly awaiting recovery to hop back on!!
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  18. insaiyan93

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    Thanks man.
    Right im aiming for 250. Once i get there if im happy i will start eating in surplus to put on more muscle and get strength back. If not then i guess i will drop another 25-30lbs and acess the situation from there.
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  19. insaiyan93

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    Back and biceps today deadlifts
    1x3 135lb
    1x3 185lb
    5x3 225lb
    1x10 135lb

    2.wide lat pulls
    4x15 120lb

    3.bent over rows underhand
    1x10 135lb
    1x10 155lb
    2x6 175lb
    1x10 135lb

    4.preacher hammer curls
    4x12 25lb

    5.alternating db curls
    4x10 30lbs

    6.standing straight bar curls
    4x10 65lbs
    1x15 45lb

    7 . reverse curls
    4x15 35lb drop to 25lbx15

    8.wrist curls
    1x30 45lb
    4x20 65lb held the last rep of each set for as long as possible.
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  20. insaiyan93

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    Did shoulders today

    1.standing BB ohp as per @RodgerThat urging haha
    1x5 95lb
    1x3 135lb
    1x3 155lb
    1x2 165lb went for three but failed
    3x5 135lb

    2.reverse flys
    4x12 25lb

    3.DB shrugs
    1x15 120lb
    1x10 140lb
    1x8 160lb
    1x20 100lb

    4.seated side laterals
    4x10 25lv

    5.HS iso shoulder press machine
    1x20 1 plate per side
    4x8 2 plates
    1x20 1 plates

    4x12 50lb

    7.BB shrugs
    1x20 225lb
    3x10 315lb
    1x20 225lb

    8.cable side laterals
    4x15 10 lbs

    Good lil workout, now time to go eaaaaat.
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