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  1. Kakarot

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    May have to try some of that. How's the lacrosse ballin?
  2. insaiyan93

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    Yeah dude it feels great and it fuckin smells really good haha.

    The lacrossee ballin is...ballin? Hahah i rolled out my back and my hammies, hurts while you're doin it but i feel a little less tight i think so its good.
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  3. insaiyan93

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    Hell...i would even say it feels so damn good im considering looking into one of those foam rollers cuz i feel like hitting legs would be substantially easier with one of those.
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    To me those items are absolute essentials
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  5. insaiyan93

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    I never really realized how much of a difference it could make, but hell i think it would definitely be a good purchase now, i went to town on my lower back with that ball and i feel pretty incredible working some of that tightness out.
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    I don't preach the mobility and stretching for nothing big dawg it's the difference for me of deadlifting 365 and 550 if I'm tight I'm useless and injury prone gotta stay loose and limber
  7. insaiyan93

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    Hell yeah, i guess its just one of those things you really have to experience to really understand it haha.
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  8. insaiyan93

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    Well i went and had myself a pretty good ol' shoulder workout today!

    1.seated ohp
    1x5 95lb
    1x3 135lb
    1x3 155lb
    1x1 165lb
    1x2 185lb callin that a PR
    3x3 155lb
    3x5 135lb

    2.standing side laterals
    4x12 25lb

    3.Hs iso ohp
    4x20 1 plate per side

    4. Rambos
    4x12 50lb

    5.lunge machine shrugs
    1x15 2 plates per side
    1x12 3 plates
    2x10 4 plates
    1x12 3 plates
    1x15 2 plates

    6.upright barbell rows smith machine
    1x12 95lb
    2x8 135lb
    2x8 115lb

    7.bent over rear laterals
    4x12 25lb armd cable side laterals
    4x12 10lb

    Feelin good! Really needed that 185 double for a confidence boost hahha. The second rep was a grinder but it was clean, didnt break form and my ass stayed in the seat. I believe ice hit 185 for a a double before but i was 35 pounds heavier and on the old juice. So shit yeah, pretty happy with that. Weighed at 279 so havent lost or gained much, but it seems like i do that where i kinda sit in one place for a bit and then one day i will check and i'll have lost like 3-4lbs.
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  9. insaiyan93

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    Well went amd worked these pesky old arms today.

    1.tricep straight bar push down
    4x25 50lbs

    2.cable skull crushers
    4x20 50lbs

    3.reverse grip tricep pushdowns
    4x25 50lbs

    4.cross chest tricep extension
    4x15 20lb

    5.concentration curls
    4x15 25lb

    6. straight bar preacher curls
    4x12 65lb

    7.hammer curls
    4x12 30lb

    8.double bicep pose cable curls
    4x20 20lbs

    I just kept it light and did some high reo stuff today, was gonna do close grips but i took a little spill on my hike last night and my left elbow is sore as shit so after one set at 135 i decided to call it on thise as not to aggrivate it.
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  10. Kakarot

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    Lol its tricky trying to catch Pokémon and hike at the same time?
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  11. insaiyan93

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    Whoopsadaisy! That was supposed to day bike not hike haha. And actually i quit playing pokemon go, i didnt have enough free time to put into it to actually be competitive :(
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  12. insaiyan93

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    Well....another mediocre and disappointing leg day lol.


    1x3 135lb
    1x3 225lb
    1x1 275lb
    2x1 315lb failed and had to bail out on second set
    3x2 275lb
    2x2 225lb plus chains
    3x5 225lb

    2.stiff leg deads

    1x10 135lb
    5x5 225lb

    3.single leg legpress
    4x10 100lbs +whatever sled weighs each leg
    2x5 200lbs each leg

    All superset with calf raises to failure

    4.single leg hamstring curls
    4x10 80lbs

    5.single leg leg extensions
    4x10 80lb

    6.seated calf rais3
    4x25 plate per side

    Missing that second set at 315 was incredibly demoralizing, im hoping its just a bad day, but im sure its probably just me getting weaker. Goddamn..

    On the plus side i an getting leaner, starting to be able to see veins in my quads now. Obviously they are popping, im not that lean, but just visible under the skin so atleast im making progress there.

    Still, i miss being strong. gonna go to the beach and obsess over and beat myself up over missing that rep, and see xif i cant get rid of this farmers tan im rocking haha
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  13. RodgerThat

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    I really think it's time to hop on a structured program bud, you aren't going to make the progress you want with the brosplits anymore even during a calorie deficit something as simple as stronglifts 5x5 would benifit greatly with where you are. Has enough volume for growth and retention but also the intensity level you'd want to bring some strength back into it. Starting with 70% of your 5rm then allowing linear growth to push you to your current 5rm even during the cut would make you equally as strong as you are now in 5-6 weeks but you'd also be 5-6 weeks leaner.
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  14. insaiyan93

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    I think you're, actually, i think i probably should have done that a month ago when you asked if i was going to get back on a program haha. You're smarter than the average bear, and i make poorer choices than the average human.

    But yeah, you think 5x5 would be a good choice?
  15. RodgerThat

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    Strong lifts has a good app for the phone making it super easy to follow and record it's all automatic and you can add your own 4th day in on Saturday for accesory work (your bro day for arms and shoulders let's say or for me I rotated what day I did like if I benched Friday id deadlift Saturday and vice versa) if you want to make a bit more of a customized program but working within the parameters of a general 5x5 like stronglifts and starting strength hit me up in PM would be proud to help get ya onto something custom for what you want strength/performance and vanity wise.
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