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Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by insaiyan93, Jan 27, 2016.

  1. Seven

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    Quality WO. Shoulder been good??
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  2. insaiyan93

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    Haha knew you'd approve.

    Yeah ya know..the shoulders are great on shoulder day, no pain to speak of.
    After every chest day though my front delts are killin me. They feel fine during the workout normally but starting a few hours after they almost feel like they are inflamed and irritated.
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  3. Seven

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    Strange. You ever take Aleve after chest day?
  4. insaiyan93

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    I generally take a couple advil the day after. It gives a little relief but not a whole lot.

    Its weird, its not just like sore, like my chest gets sore as shit so i dont think im letting the delts take too much of the load on my presses or anything. Its almost like a burning, but not hot to the touch, no swelling or anything, it's strange.
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  5. RodgerThat

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    Standing OHP will put hair on your chest meat on your bones and numbers in your phone, trust me I'm a doctor:cool:. Looks like a good workout man, watch for those failure lifts though especially on your cut be best to avoid em, I know you wanna push yourself but push to the brink not all the way over it'll help with recovery for sure while you eat lesser then your body is asking for:p
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  6. Seven

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    How about Tiger Balm'ing them bitches Pre-WO?!?!?
  7. insaiyan93

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    There was a chick mirin while i was doing them,damn shame im a faithful man hahaha.

    Yeah i definitely try to avoid missing reps, i was just trying to get an idea of where i was at on these.

    Any insight on what seven and i were talkin about? I know you're somewhat of an injury expert hahahah
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  8. insaiyan93

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    I am not familiar with this term...this "tiger balming"? Hahah
  9. RodgerThat

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    Sounds to me like you need to cool them after to reduce inflammation intramuscularly, lay only your back take a nap with a bag of peas of ice pack on both shoulders 10-15 mins max with it on any longer and its conterproductive. Also I hate to be "that guy" but are you stretching em out real good after? Possibly could use a lacrosse ball to aid in recovery roll the shit outa dem delts to loosen them up post workout so you aren't walking around tight shouldered
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  10. Seven

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    You know Tiger Balm''''''ing. Lol I think its Thai...

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  11. insaiyan93

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    I'll give that a go next chest day, luckily i happen to have a surplus of bags of frozen stuff for that.

    As for the say yes, but it would be the same yes that i give the dentist when he asks if i floss everyday :( hahahahha
    I'll order a lacrossee ball. Hell honestly i feel tight all over, i would probbaly do well to pay and go get a full body deep tissue massage.

    Hmmm never heard of it. I'll check into that as well.
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  12. insaiyan93

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    Well had a pretty bitchin leg day today

    1.back skwaats
    1x5 135lb
    1x3 225lb
    1x3 275lb
    5x1 315lb
    3x2 275lb
    3x5 225lb

    2.leg press
    4x20 200lbs superset with

    3.leg press calf raise
    4x25 200lb

    4.front squat
    1x5 95lb
    2x5 135lb
    3x3 185lb
    2x5 135lb

    5.stiff leg deadlifts 2 1/2 - 3 inch deficit
    4x10 135lb

    6. Seated calf raise
    4x25 plate per side

    7.hamstring curl
    4x15 130lb

    So i decided to just fuck it all up today, if my body wants to be a pussy then fine,im going to punish it haha.

    First time doing front squats, thise actuslly feel pretty good and i will probably start doing those more. But yeah...time to go eat, nawm saiyan?
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  13. NovaFlex

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    Started doing fronts not too long ago as well. Love the core activation. Good shit my man
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  14. insaiyan93

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    Hell yeah, i actually enjoyed them, they felt surprisingly natural.
  15. insaiyan93

    insaiyan93 Member

    Chest triceps and forearms today

    1.flat BB press
    1x3 135lb
    1x3 185lb
    2x2 225lb 1 paused 1 tng
    3x3 185lb+chains paused
    1x12 135lb+chains oaused

    2.incline barbell
    1x3 135lb
    2x3 205lb
    2x3 185lb
    3x8 135lb

    3.cable crossover super scoopers
    4x12 25lb

    4.cable crosaover high to low
    1x15 25lb
    1x15 30lb
    1x15 35lb
    1x12 42.5lb

    5.tricep rope pushdowns
    4x10 60lb

    6.tricep pushdown straight bar wide grip
    4x15 70lb

    7.cross chest db tri extension
    4x12 20lbs

    8.seated OH db tri extension
    4x10 75lb

    9.reverse curls
    3x15 45lb drop to 35lbx15 drop to 25lbx15

    10.wrist curls
    4x25 55lb

    Finished early so i rode into town, about a 5 miles ride, to get some grub before i caught the bus home.

    Decent workout, pretty surprised at the 2x3 205 inclines especially after the flats.

    Dont seem to have any delt pain but sometimes it comes on later, although i did do alot more stretching before i started benching today so maybe that helped.
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  16. insaiyan93

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    Also my lacrossee ball came today @RodgerThat i just kinda set it between the area i wanna hit and just kind of push hard and roll it around?
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  17. Kakarot

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    I'm interested in this as well. I've been thinking about getting freaky and rubbing down with one of these lacrosse balls myself just not sure how to do it proper.:confused:
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  18. RodgerThat

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    Ya bud just put in on the meaty tissue and press against a wall or the ground and roll around it'll work no need to over complicate it
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  19. insaiyan93

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    Actually had a pretty kickass workout today!
    Did back biceps and some fromt squatsjust for good measure since i decided i need to be more proactive about getting my damn strength back lol

    1x3 135lb
    1x3 225lb
    1x1 315lb
    1x1 365lb
    3x1 405lb
    3x2 365lb
    3x3 315lb with an amrap of 7 on the last set

    2.Hs iso row machine neutral grip
    1x15 2 plates
    4x10 3 plates pull wide underhand grip
    1x15 120lb
    1x12 140lb
    1x10 160lb
    1x6 180lb

    4.bent over rows overhand grip
    4x10 135lb

    5.alternating dumbbell curls
    1x15 25lb
    1x12 30lb
    1x10 35lb
    1x8 40lb

    6.hammer curls
    4x15 25lb

    7.straight bar curls
    4x12 65lb

    8.front squats
    1x10 95lb
    1x6 135lb
    2x3 185lb
    3x6 135lb

    Rode into town from the gym to get postworkout meal, 5 miles.

    Pretty happy with deadlifts...405 was moving pretty well today
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  20. insaiyan93

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    @Seven Dog i got some of thay tiger balm....good tip bro, this shit is like icy hot on steroids hahhaha.
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