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    Quick hurry, ask me if I care for your fucking opinion?
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    Haven't tried the other, but on a quarter of a pill, you will not be hungry for 8 hours when you start. Later, you will need a half a pill. If you take a full pill to start (don't), you can forget going to sleep that night, it's very speedy. The strange thing is that you can still be compelled to eat, just out of habit if you aren't aware of it. But you aren't hungry. Once you adjust and realize that you don't need to eat, and you won't suffer, you can really lose weight. Also, the dosing is for people who are morbidly obese, so if you aren't hitting 300lbs, you don't need the full dose.
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    Thank you very much! great info.
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    Do you even know what an opinion is? I asked you a question and pointed out that 3 posts above you the same question was posted. Neither of which is an opinion.

    Next time maybe look for yourself before asking to be spoon fed. And hey, you may want to stick with smaller words, or pick up a dictionary. Good luck with life.
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    Dude you missed it? You didn't see it???
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    Ah I see; added clen and t3 aye?
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    Can you get naltrexone?
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    You know you can get that from any generic "canada pharmacy" (really india) and it won't even raise an eyebrow from customs.
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    No that's not the news that uncle daddy panda was going to announce.

    But we are going to be adding some things. Just trying to get an impromptu idea of what's on everyone's radar or wishlist
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    My wife is taking Phentermine at the moment and she is already down 12 pounds over the last month. I took it once just to see how it felt and I was sweating at work and I felt pretty good with lots of energy as well.
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  11. telmisartan raw would be nice, along with the handful of things you mentioned earlier.
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    Some Superdrol raws be amazing
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    Some domestic shipping would be amazing.....
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    Panda has already been through the shitter with domestic shipping. His international isn’t bad, and the stealth is top notch.
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    Modafinil would be interesting to have as a raw. I live by a university and party with some of the students. But they all love that stuff. I got a few pills from one of them and it works pretty good. Isnt like half of Silicon Valley on it lol
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    Caber would be awesome
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    They offer pharma caber
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    I recall caber raws costing like upwards of 5k a gram :eek: