Rumors Stanford, etc.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by StanfordPharma, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. hurricane

    hurricane Member

    WTF!!! Hook a brother up. lol.
    Really not gonna do it?
  2. ickyrica

    ickyrica Member Supporter

    I told him maybe. I want to see a show first, see what I'm up against. If it's a bunch of teenie boppers I may be in, gangster bullshit and it's a no go for me. I'll shoot you a link so you can see what it's all about. All I have to say is I don't listen to itlol
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  3. hurricane

    hurricane Member

    I hear ya bud.
    No way I'd want to get caught in the middle of some rappers beef. Not worth it.
  4. puckhog

    puckhog Member Supporter

    Hahaha @hurricane

    I would get between nikki manaj’s beef.

    Not really. AA girls are not my type.

    Maybe Iggy Azalia. Rihanna is close.
  5. hurricane

    hurricane Member

    You're talking my language with Iggy A. That ass on her is filthy!!
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  6. T-Bagger

    T-Bagger Member

    Lol, that’s about all she’s good for.
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