Scammehood of Pain's message when the banned me

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by AntJB1017, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. AntJB1017

    AntJB1017 Member

    Oh okay. Thanks for explaining. I totally agree. I was all for BOP until I started catching on. Unfortunately Pain and the mods think everyone is idiots. VETS ARE KEPT QUIET with free gear
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  2. Mick_

    Mick_ Member

    They delete posts , threads , people , anyone who calls them out and any real vet to the game.

    They threaten people with posting personal info if you call them out , they will post it too.

    Pain needs to lay of the glass dick and DWBO follows him like a little bitch.
  3. Mick_

    Mick_ Member

    Vets don't get shit for free lol , they have a shitty little sub forum and Bop makes them feel special but uses them to give out free gear to the scammed from their sponsors. That place is a MESS.

    Yes and BOP still hoards scammers on their board Private label is IA... Another scammer with mildew in their gear but they brush that shit aside...

    Pain and DWBO are sketchy, don't login there unless you're on VPN...
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  4. AntJB1017

    AntJB1017 Member

    Wait what? You're saying private label is International Anabolics? How do you figure that?
  5. Mick_

    Mick_ Member

    Lol same bullshit, It's Xsbobber. Selling IA domestic under another name.
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  6. Ripped

    Ripped Member

    There's a source here that carries kalpha I have already ask them about it they claim it's a good seller .
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  7. eje1990

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    Fuck Kalpa and that "hugetom" mother fucker from GBN. Lol. Not sure who you're talking about but GBN is their "gold reseller"
  8. Ripped

    Ripped Member

    Osgear sells kalpha pharma oils maybe we are talking about two different things but I still haven't know anyone running kalpha.
    There Dragon is legit I know that for sure . lol
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  9. Willbench

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    I just got the boot from ASF for posting about some stuff I got being full of fibers & particulate matter.
  10. mugzy

    mugzy Member

    PAiN has been doing this for years. He would read pm's and record payment info between sources and members then collect payment made via greendot, etc and then call the member a reverse scammer when they complained and ban them.

    There is a long history on him What a fucking scam....
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  11. Easymod3

    Easymod3 Member

    Wow, I am so fucking glad I found meso early and stayed here, I’m not even registered on any other boards.
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  12. ickyrica

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    The irony is the OP was outed for being a scammer with multiple handles or something. What a fucked up world.

    You guys only get 1 icky. Take me or leave me.
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  13. Brucie

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    The PPL rep over there is real douchey, he wouldn't last 10 minutes here.
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  14. master.on

    master.on Member

    OK those are the good ones
    which are the bad ones?

    This is Meso, you're free to speak
  15. Whey2big

    Whey2big Junior Member

    Second on AEL being underdosed, my bloods came up with Test E below 1500 at 700mg wk. Also on SF Mass builder Pharm which is suppose to be a major domestic sponsor sold bunk tren ace I was running at 2 grams a week with 0 sides or weight gain. Never again
  16. Gbro

    Gbro Member

    That not much of a choice! ;)
  17. Which UGL sent you hairy gear?
  18. Willbench

    Willbench Junior Member

    PM me. I don't really wanna put them out there like that..
  19. Spooby

    Spooby Member

    Lol? You bought steroids and were sent hairy oil, and you "don't want to out them like that"??? I've read it all today, I would think...
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  20. Sp2.0

    Sp2.0 Member

    If you're shooting straight then putting the source out there is exactly what you should do to prevent other members from getting jammed. Pandas thread proved people have a tendency to not properly inspect their gear.
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