Scammehood of Pain's message when the banned me

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by AntJB1017, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. i asked because when this kinda stuff happens, it's good to get the word out and let the community know.

    If you don't want to post the name due to fear of retaliation by the UGL, then that's understandable.
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  2. anfee

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    Please re-crop your avatar. It fucks with me so much that this fine-tit lady has no arms...
  3. DrinkFlintWater

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    Lol...this thought has crossed my mind at least 10 times, also
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  4. Spooby

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  5. Don't recall if her arms were visible in the original pic or not? i do remember i had to resize the fuck out of it to get it to display properly.

    i'll look for the original, may just swap it out for another gorgeous dream girl... "i'll be back!"
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    I just now noticed she didn’t have arms haha, those nice azzzz tittays have been a staple on meso for a while lol
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  7. Original was armless. Been thinking about switching it up lately. This isn't something that can be rushed, i should, nay, i must find the most perfect titty's for my next avi!
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  8. Willbench

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    Don't want to be pinning cat piss or some shit.

    I will leave you with this pic though.

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  9. master.on

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    Which BOP sources sent bare oil vials or nothing at all = plain scam?
  10. Jeffg353

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    With tits like that who cares about her arms. She's like the Venus de Milo of MESO (the famous Greek statue with no arms).
  11. Jeffg353

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    Had that brown GH fiasco with Canada peptides from Roids24 a few months ago.
  12. EazyE

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    Stay away from BOP unless of course you’re just really into reading science fiction...
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  13. Diamond back

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    Its definitely political over there, a strange bunch of clicks that stick together. But right they ain't bullshitting anyone, you find that out quick
  14. ToneFlo

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    What about FLASH LABS????
  15. The person you're quoting got caught with his scamming hand in the cookie jar a while back, while trying to extort a source for free gear. i wouldn't take his opinion on anything seriously.

    Edit to add:
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  16. MindlessWork

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    Damn that is serious business with that dude (not the person you are replying to). Some people go to great lengths to reverse scam.
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  17. Brawny

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    Mass builder is shit. I pulled 1300 on 500mg of test

    I’ve pulled as high as 1000 on 100mg trt for reference
  18. Test_Subject

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    BoP is a complete write off. Pain is a massive scumbag known to collect information on members and use it blackmail them. Even if the sources on there were good, they're untrustworthy because of the company that they keep.

    Fuck him and his dickriding board. They're the worst of the worst. I trust CJM more than BoP...and that's saying something.
  19. MindlessWork

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    Pain rips off sources too...they get a good shakedown from him
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  20. It appears my (internal) link was unlinked. i thought the the rule was no posting links to outside sites in the underground?

    Well, for posterity, here's the properly coded link.