Scammehood of Pain's message when the banned me

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by AntJB1017, Jul 23, 2017.

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    Let me guess. This top shelf source is flex tech lol.
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    I can't believe the site goes down as much as it does. If I was a paying sponsor, I'd raise sand about it.

    I have heard they monitor posts and delete some. I can see DWBO doing that crap,even if a sponsor is too blame.
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  3. Ol' Ham nasty is considered top shelf over there? Fuck, i'd hate to see what the bottom shelf looks like.
  4. T-Bagger

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    Best thing to do is send it off to Jano (of you don’t really want to spend the money) or W & M of money is no issue. They will undoubtedly reject the Jano results though.
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    Can’t mess with their cash cows!
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    I was told by a mate of mine the admin over there are very very crooked
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    There are rumors that the “scammer” who was threatening all of the sources over there was PAiN himself.
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    If you go way back in the archives at EF(elite fitness), believe it was 1998(may be 1999), there was a discussion a few of us were having and it had to do with charging for membership at EF.
    Back in those days there was literally just a handful of boards...meaning you could count the number of boards with your fingers.
    I remember going back to that discussion years later to have a look and being surprised that I didn't remember who was there. Knowin what we do now its easy to guess who lined up where on the pay for membership thing.
    Mugsy, owner of ugbb and theironden(among others) warned against charging for membership and the dangerous(in his mind) precedent it could set.
    Pain(BOP owner)has always been about his money. He feels he is entitled to Community members cash based solely on his simply existing as long as he has. He was wanting to start charging members to send PMs for Christs Sake.
    Elite Fitness was the breeding ground for the lame staff at evolutionary. They count EF vets as their sponsors and themselves as EF understudy's or that they apprenticed under the EF old timers. The guys making cash off of EF weren't interested in sharing members dollars so they taught them how to "moderate" a source thread to keep neg comments off of those paying their salaries.
    Evo learned how to sell guys what they don't need by playing on their fears. Also learned how to charge $1500 for pct made up of useless products and also how to keep the mystery surrounding SARMS alive and convincing noobs that they are more powerful than time tested and backed by science and testing AAS.
    Learned how to name those shit products so they sound similar to real phamaceuticals, aas, and gh to help lend legitimacy to products that are backed with no science but are heavy on fake advertisements that bombard their targets with half truths to convince the masses while censoring posts that cast doubts on their money making shit products.
    I forget the names of the others there? Future board owners of boards long gone. I think I'll go have another look. I have to sign in on a made up handle as I was banned from EF back in the early 2000's.
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    Hmmm then that could be him taking down his own board in a tantrum :rolleyes:
  10. saywutrly

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    That's plausible. It wouldn't take long before any sources who only run over there would be begging for him to put it back up. Of course, all speculation.
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    Im not sticking up for brotherhood of pain or anything. But I have had very good results or a few sources from there. Clarity. Mass builder. And there is also a thread where they exposed jahno for being fake. And called him out. They sent him gear out of the same vial 2 times. And came back at two totally different levels. From the same source just checking how accurate he is. And jahno has 100 different excuses to what could have happened. Blamed it on his assistant. Cause he was too busy. Lately idk what to believe anymore. I don’t understand why people can’t just be straight up anymore and make honest living. What the hell is so hard about that. I hope shit gets sorted out. I feel like there is drama and craziness everywhere you go. I’ve seen shit talk on here about mass builder and other sources. But no bloods or anything showing they even had their gear. My first cycle I ever ran was mass builder. From a friend. He actually got their gear from a different forum. And I gained 40 lbs just test e at 500 mg week and deca 250 mg week. I didn’t even need to get bloods because the results I got were undeniable. Everyone kept coming to me asking what I’m doing. But idk. I’d hate to see any of this true. Cause I know I busy my ass for a living doing high rise construction. Meanwhile raising a family with two kids and one on the way. The last thing I want to do is spend my hard earned money on someone greedy ripping people off. Almost feel like just sticking to international big names these days. But the results I got from mass builder and Clarity makes me want to try ugl. For the simple fact no customs shit. Maybe I just got the lucky rare only dosed gear from them.... idk. But I’m sure not scamming anyone. Or trying to be scammed. I’m just trying to find good gear and see results.
  12. T-Bagger

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    Congrats on the little one on the way.

    As far as trying UGL or sticking to the international ones, those are UGL as well bud, unless you have a source with legitimate pharma AAS. Have a look in the Steroid Underground here and do some research on who is testing their raws and what other members are posting of their finished products. That is one thing you will typically find missing from almost every sponsor on a paid board - testing of products.

    Apparently BoP now has some testing facility in India, so we’ll see how that goes.
  13. Bhairava

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    I will say I used clarity with great results. But they don’t do any kind of testing whatsoever there’s no quality control.
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    Thanks man. Yea I usually look for jahnos testing before I buy. And I have a buddy he gets stuff. Been doing way longer than me and I let him do the trial and error. And he tells me what stuff was good and what sucked. But he’s very picky who he uses. I’m going to start checking this page out more. Cause it seems like every other week that forum is down. Like it is now. I’ve made account on here while back just haven’t really learned to use it yet. Gonna have to figure it out. And thanks for the congrats. We are ready and can’t wait. Gonna be 3 boys.
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    I’m sure he is doing something. I know there has been random tests done on him. And it’s always came back on point. No minimum or anything. And I had to try the tren ace that just came back perfect on Johno test. So I grabbed 2. And I had night sweats and strength want they the roof. Was fire. And every time I’ve got his tren since then. Always the same. He has to be getting Rae’s from same place all the time. And I’m sure he knows hit ratios. So he’s doing something right. To keep his mg on point. Whether he’s testing it. Or who he’s seeing tests from the actual supplier of raws
  16. NatiboyMe

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    I guess BOP is down...I believe I got some low quality stuff off by Flex-Tech but it was just test prop and Primo they had a good price point but this stuff seems under dosed. But unfortunately I haven't had it tested.

    But compared to some of the other Props I used it doesn't seem to hold up...Checking this thread and realizing that Hammer changed to Flex-Tech I will just accept my loss and move on to a different source.
  17. Snookslayer05

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    That’s weird. Because I won 300$ in gear from them off a contest. And literally just got done taking it. And everything was good. Strength increased and felt good. Weight actually went up 12 lbs. maybe I just keep getting lucky idk. Or maybe they knew I would actually post about them or they gave me the good stuff idk. Even gave my buddy some test e from them. And he saw a lot of changes. And he wasn’t even working out. Idk tho. I wish I would have pulled bloods. I see this forum does a lot of testing. More active than any other forum I’ve seen. I think I mite start sticking with this forum. Oh but I can say. The cialis/ viagra I got from them was very weak. I’ve taken some cialis from juice pal and just one capsule lasted me 3 days. But that flex tech Pharma. Their cialis/viagra combo I had to take 6 of them to even think about feeling the effects and sure didn’t last 3 days like juice pals did.
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    it's a chance you are right. It is possible that the product is just very smooth with no PIP at all but this is my first time in a while using Prop and I recall it having more of a bite...I took a chance based off of the price point being offered so I was thinking it had potential to be under dosed. It was a newbie mistake.
  19. Snookslayer05

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    Here’s proof I’ve ran them and no issues at all.

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    Yes idk. Sucks you got under dosed gear. Hopefully that wasn’t the case. The only time I ever got pip was from dragon deca 300. But that shit was fire without a doubt. Had gyno flare up decent on my left chest. Took caber for it. Idk. Maybe I’ve gotten lucky. Or cause the guy who reps for them I get along with very good. And he’s took air of time to work with me and has helped me a lot and made sure I got the good gear. Idk. I can only speak for my experiences. That’s all I can do. I wouldn’t base gear off of pip tho at All. I’d check bloods if in doubt. Or not seeing weight gains or strength increase. I can tell if deca is good because it never fails. I get gyno flare up under my left nipple. And tren. I get night sweats bad. Wake up in middle night sweating so bad with ac on so low. Hope u didn’t take a loss tho bro. Shits hated for sure.
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