Security of In-house PM/Chat systems

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    TEK asked questions. You made false statements of fact.

    To be clear, MESO has never received any request from any law enforcement official for any type of information. MESO has never provided any information to law enforcement. In 20 years, MESO has never been contacted whether it's been Operation Raw Deal, Gear Grinder or Cyber Juice. MESO has never had anything that they've wanted.

  2. Thats all I wanted . And yes it was a question ,and you answered it .
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    You conveniently changed the premise of your argument.

    TEK started a thread about PMs. The context was PMs.

    PMs = "conversations" on this forum.

    You stated "someones making a tidy profit off our conversations".

    NO. No one is making any profit off private "conversations".
  4. I meant someone is making a tidy profit off all of our conversations , public and private . Clicks and counts . And I believe that , or it wouldnt be running ...
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    It's one of the most relevant and important topics for members of the AAS community. It's also one of the disregarded and ignored topics. Few people take even the most basic steps at maintaining privacy and security.
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    If OGH keeps this recent trend up
    Im gonna admit his ass to the retirement home
    No fucks given. Wheel his ass right to the front door and throw the paperwork at em.
    Go ahead take me off the will. I dont want your stupid outdoor weight set any way
  7. TEK gets it then !! Your loss ;)
  8. Im ready to go ... Caught in a shitstorm from several directions . And this weekend its gonna get worse...
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  9. Precisely the answers I would have expected. Members should be taking measures to protect themselves, e.g. by using PGP to encrypt their PMs.
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  10. Isn't that the truth. While I'm on the subject of security and privacy, at the risk of being critical, one of the things that I find truly annoying about this site is its' reliance on CloudFlare. CloudFlare makes the use of Tor to visit this site very difficult to impossible.
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  12. u get used to it....
    it used to be you would have to log back in every 2-3 mins, now it seems like an endless barrage of captcha. Nonetheless I'm always impressed at the the infrastructure MESO has in place. Even in light of the ongoing ddos attacks MESO is very rarely inaccessible..

    cheers MESO
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