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    Sustanon is bad for TRT.

    Once a week injection is asking for trouble.

    The whole point of frequent injections is to keep your levels stable instead of yoyo.
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    I have to say that you probably have a point due to the fact that as you just stated, it's (Sustanon) not seen used in TRT protocols. I have to yeild to logic however it seems like it should be good for it...but I digress and also agree and believe I will stick (at the risk of seeming wishy-washy) to the original plan and got with TE or TC. Appreciate your bluntness in this matter.
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    The esters all release at different times and have different half lives, what are you talking about? It was designed specifically for the purpose of keeping steady blood levels for TRT.

    Sustanon ester half lives:
    Propionate - 1 day
    Phenypropionate - 2-3 days
    Isocaporate - 4 days
    Decanoate - 6-7 days

    Sustanon isnt 4 kinds of TNE where they all release at once and then leave you hanging the rest of the week, if it was it would be called testosterone No Ester lol.. There is no crash day within a 7 day period w/ Sus.. So I do know what kind of advice youre giving but what youre saying is incorrect.
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    They send out to the lab in the area and then email you the results. Id pay the $65 and get the bloods to establish a baseline. You might not even have low T. Might be something else. Pull the bloods bud.
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  5. Keep it simple . 100-150mg/wk . Once a week . No AI unless needed . Thats all....;) ~Ogh
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    This.... when I am cruising (self admin TRT) I am 200mg 1x a week, easy peasy
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  7. The problem with 200mg/wk is eventually most guys will start having hemocrit and RBC problems (too high) thats why most qualified TRT doctors start low (100mg/wk) because of the cumulative effect testosterone has (it can build up over time). I find 100mg/wk perfect for me without too high BP.
    I also find a low TRT makes for a better cycle....
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    Agree with that for sure, I have no high BP and donate regularly so no issues with the RBC for me. I may have to try a lower dose when I am finished this blast.
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    Sustanon looks good on paper, I agree, but in reality it sucks ass.

    I was put on Sustanon 1ml every 3 weeks, then every 2 weeks, then every 1 week, you feel shit and the blood results shows it. Even tho it's 4 esters, it doesn't create a stable test levels in your body.

    The medical community found this out, and replaced sustanon with enanthate, the best protocol to keep SHBG, Estrogen, and Test levels for optimal results is ED injections, not this is not realistic, so the best next thing is EOD injections, or the least frequency is E3D. Do that and you'll feel at your optimal physically and mentally.

    Injection frequency and ester Does matter.

    This is why Sustanon is not utilized anymore.

    I've been on TRT for over 10 years, different protocols, different esters, different doctors, you name it, I probably tried it.

    If you don't want to listen to my advice, you can do whatever you want, but sooner or later you'll smarten up.
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  10. When I first started out with TRT I wanted to use 200mg/wk because I had access to a bunch of 200mg ampules and figured it would be easier . But within 3 months my RBC"s were to high (55>) so I was put on 150mg/wk . That was alright for a few months but eventually it got too high again and I was put on 100mg/wk where I have remained for the last 7 years .
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    Sooner or later... I will smarten up
    Thanks lol
  12. I have heard of people having success with the RBC issue by taking a low-dose pinned ED or EOD, such as 20mg Test E ED or 40mg Test E EOD.

    I did something similar prior to starting my current blast and it was the closest to "feeling" natural that I have had since I was a natural, if that makes sense. 200mg is common for guys who cruise but I don't think it can be done for decades without issue and I don't consider it TRT bc for most it would put TT beyond normal range, it should only be reserved for people who are young and pushing hard or competing and are smart enough to dial it back when the time comes.
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    Lol man, not directed at you, it was for anyone wanting to experiment down this route, after all this is a lifelong lifestyle.
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  14. The problem with Sustanon for medical TRT is that the injection frequency in the EU where it was commonly prescribed is something like 1 shot every 3 weeks.

    I have cruised off 200mg Sustanon 1x a week and it is definitely more in the enhanced territory than standard TRT with TE/TC.

    I don't think most guys want to do 1 shot every 2-3 weeks, and I don't think guys looking for true TRT should use it more frequently than that.
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    Thanks for the clarification bro. That's actually interesting. Question answered!!
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    I am predisposed to HBP anyway so I think 100mg week would be a smart starting point.
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    I think that's a wise decision. It's always best to start on the lower end and see how you react and tolerate it.
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    Alright is the lab test I think I should use:
    Total Testosterone Testing | Low T Test
    They offer a full male hormone panel but unfortunately it's almost $300.00!! Yikes!
    Now I just need to try and find some time off work (fuckin not easy to do!) and get it done!
    Any thoughts?
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    I'm going in the morning miss about 50 minutes of work. Start my fast in about 45 minutes. Cost is half that for a full panel and that's because I live in one of the shit hole states that doesn't allow lab work thru
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    I wonder why that is?