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  1. G_runt

    G_runt Member

    Mine are pretty simple.
    1 cup egg whites
    1 cup milk
    1 scoop protein

    If I'm home and can use a blender I will throw in some peanut butter.
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  2. bigstretch

    bigstretch Member

    I'm sure someone already said this but no you can't taste the eggs. The eggs do give the shake a nice texture though.
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  3. Sk8man101

    Sk8man101 Member

    Yeah I use egg whites and I can't taste them. But the shake is always a smoother texture with them.
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  4. Perrin Aybara

    Perrin Aybara Member

    I agree on the better texture with egg whites.
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  5. franchise24

    franchise24 Member Supporter

    I'll be adding the egg whites in then.
  6. Roger rabbit

    Roger rabbit Member

    Half carton of pasteurized egg whites, and two scoops of dymatize chocolate protein.

    All I use

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  7. Sk8man101

    Sk8man101 Member

    Damn that's savage bro! Love it.
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  8. Roger rabbit

    Roger rabbit Member

    I don't mix milk in with it cuz I drink a liter of fairlife per day. 1,000 calories and 100 grams protein in just that liter. My "shake" gives me another 100 grams, and the rest of my food for the day brings me to 300grams protein.

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  9. franchise24

    franchise24 Member Supporter

    What store do you get fairlife from?
  10. Roger rabbit

    Roger rabbit Member

    I normally get mine at Walmart. 3.00$ per liter.

    The way I look at it when people say that is expensive for milk... I say you drink a cup of Starbucks a day that costs you 6$ for 20oz or that red bull you drink that costs you 4$ for 16 oz... I'm getting an entire liter for 3$ and it feeds my body... nuff said....

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  11. franchise24

    franchise24 Member Supporter

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  12. Sk8man101

    Sk8man101 Member

    Targets got em on sale bro! Not sure if it's still going but they were like 2.29 or something I hella stocked up.
    The regular grocery stores they are like 4.50 fuck that.
    When you drink 4-5 a week that shit adds up.
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    HIGHRISK Member

    Not sure where u live but I get mine from publix. Google coupons there's always a coupon for them. Right now there 2 for $5 with a dollar off coupon so 2 for $4.

    I also argue the price point. I mean a gallon is 4 dollars now and full of sugar with double the calories and half the protein.
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  14. franchise24

    franchise24 Member Supporter

    Thanks. I'll check Publix and Walmart today.
  15. franchise24

    franchise24 Member Supporter

    I'll check here as well. Thanks.
  16. Brandaddy

    Brandaddy Member

    I use vanilla greek yogurt. Usually has 19-21 grams of protein per cup and usually has probiotics in it also. I always use vanilla because plain makes it taste weird, vanilla I actually believe enhances the flavor
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  17. franchise24

    franchise24 Member Supporter

    I noticed that with the plain flavored yogurt. I have used strawberry, vanilla and plain. Plain does make it taste weird.
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  18. franchise24

    franchise24 Member Supporter

    Publix has fairlife milk in my area 2 for 5$ as well. I'll be there today.
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  19. franchise24

    franchise24 Member Supporter

    Got me some failrlife thank you to everyone that provided some feedback.
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  20. Les

    Les Member

    I guess the old lady will be hitting walmart today. I'm paying just under 5 for my new fairlife addiction.
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