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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by simplysteds, May 24, 2018.

  1. Den84

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    are you not ashamed to sell this shit? what do you think that we're stupid on this forum? Fucking scammer!

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    Den84 is our European correspondent. He keeps us on the up of what's going on over there across the pond. If he says your shit then I believe him your shit. @simplysteds
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  3. bigdeadweight

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    Wait, so your source is a lying POS scammer but we should still trust your are selling great stuff? WTF
  4. MindlessWork

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    Simply Dead is more what he should be right now as everyone is onto his game.
  5. picholas

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    So I should just arbitrarily inject your chemicals into my body?

    No, what you aren't understanding is without testing, blood works, etc YOU can't claim it is anything more than an olive oil to pair up with balsamic vinegar on a nice FUCK OFF SALAD.
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  6. Hendred

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    Very entertaining thread to read as I'm lying here hungover. Everyone taking a bite then Den goes straight for the jugular. Bravo lads.
  7. beameupscotty

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    So my friend kept telling me that I'd be totally in to midgets with strap-ons and I kept telling him that I was pretty sure that wasn't my thing. Anyway, one night after a little too much partying I agreed to try it before I knocked it.... guess f**king sucked. My point, I learned about trusting my instincts and realized that I don't have to try in order to know I didn't need to try it.

    I still can't take a dump right after those midgets :(
  8. simplysteds

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    We have removed this product since from our website. A few people placed orders for it, we contacted them explained the situation and offered a replacement or refund and they were satisfied.
  9. simplysteds

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    We are in the process of adding more brands and removing some so please keep an eye on our site. If you have anymore feedback please feel free to comment. Thanks
  10. Grozny

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  11. If you had been transparent from the start I might have considered you. But doing these shady stuff with the sole purpose to scam people says a lot about the integrity of your company...

    Also it would be great to post some lab/blood tests. Or even send some to a trusted member here for analysis. Why don't you do that?
  12. Cramps88

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    I like where you are going with the idea of testing but sending free gear to any member is highly frowned upon by the community. Too many sources would be able to exploit us if such practices were allowed.
  13. picholas

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    It would have to be blind testing, that's why we don't do that. If the source knows you're sending it for testing they can send you grade A gear, then skimp out on everyone else and claim "it's been tested".
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  14. So basically someone has to get the bullet for us to have a better idea.
  15. picholas

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    Well that's why we're a good community, not really biting the bullet, more of taking one for the team.
  16. Cramps88

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    Yes but in the case of this seller no one should bite anything and stay clear the fuck away from this one.
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  17. picholas

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  18. MindlessWork

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    SimplyDead should be dead to us.
  19. simplysteds

    simplysteds Junior Member

    Appreciate the feedback guys. We are listening and actively working to improve the products we have on offer and will update you as we do so.
  20. simplysteds

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    Live chat will be back up tomorrow afternoon.