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    OK, taken from your earlier post, you fully admit here that you used fake packaging photo's 'purely for marketing purposes'. So other than to convince unsuspecting potential customers that the product you sell is the one in the photo (i.e. scamming them), what other marketing purposes are you alluding to?

    Even if we take you at your word that all these 'mistakes' you have made were honest to god mistakes, how do you expect us to trust you and ingest/inject the crap you send out when you are clearly so inept!!
  2. MuscleHead320 found out the hard way that ripping off the name of a legitimate pharmaceutical company can have disastrous results.

    Scenario. Just like was the case with MH320, some dumb noob is bound to come across "Bayer" brand anabolics on your site, and being a dumb noob, try to contact the real Bayer for verification.

    Now you're in the spotlight, the real Bayer is mad as hell, will fight tooth and nail to eradicate it, and you're left to ponder the big question, being an overseas source, are you REALLY untouchable?

    Just food for thought. And if you think overseas sources are safe, look in the news forum, they're anything but.
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    I was just thinking this! MuscleHead320 ripped off a legitimate pharmaceutical company's name and likeness and look were that got him. Pharmaceutical companies are trillion dollar multinational corporations with a long other words YOU DON'T FUCK WITH THEM. Continuing to have a fake Bayer product on your site is incredibly foolish and if you're that foolish, why would anyone buy any of your products
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    But fellas he clearly states its Bayer ugl, that means it's g2g doesn't it? :D
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    Lol take my money!
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    Too bad you haven't tried any of our products
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    Not for our marketing purposes. We meant that the UGL used the Bayer logo for marketing purposes. Our mistake was Using that picture on our site.

    As for trusting us we are working on getting labs and once some of the customers who ordered a full cycle from us complete the cycle we will be paying for their bloodwork.
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    We completely agree with the above which is why we no longer stock the product on our website. If someone orders the UGL dbol they will receive it in a box that does not have the Bayer logo on it.
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    GTFOH. we should not have to point all of this stuff out to you. You came here trying to impress us with your business thinking you would make a quick buck off some suckers. You did not expect to get called out on any of this. Everytime you do you give us a half ass apology and expect us to pat you on the back and say it's okay. You have failed and no one wants or needs you here.
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    Those bins in the pic in the OP look familiar.
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    From where?
  12. If he makes a Hammer/Prime reference, i'm starting a movement to have Mindless banned for life.

    Also. Unless i'm missing something, there's no pics in the OP. This guy is overseas. The US doesn't want Prime/Hammer, so i doubt other countries would either.

    If you're referring to the pics in the Anabolic Gainz thread, first, you're in the wrong thread, and second, those bins bare no resemblance whatsoever to those that Prime/Hammer posted, other than the fact that they "can hold stuff".
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    OK nevermind.
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  14. :D
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    And I am sure you are aware as well :D
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    ...for you. What's my loss exactly? I order better, cheaper, AAS from reputable sources and you don't get money.

    Still not learning.
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    My point is that you cannot knock something until you try it, and you don't have any intention to try our products so you cannot claim it is worse than anything else.

    We've never had a dissatisfied customer since we launched online and that's down to consistently good products, competitive prices and amazing customer service. If a day comes that a verified customer does come here with bad feedback, then you could trash our product as much as you like with some evidence to back your arguments. Until then it is purely your unfounded opinion.

    I am trying to work on improving our site and products, this is a continuous progress and we didn't get off to the best start I admit. Hoping to change this around by the time we release our own line of products.
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    But you have no interest in testing your ”good” gear.
    Why should we use your gear? Coz you come here and say it’s good?

    This is kind of disrespectful behavior from you.
    The biggest problem is that you’re not beware of how bad your behaviour is.

    You have no customer here on Meso, so why are you still here?
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    Bayer winstrol? LOL and t3 40$ who only cost you like 1-2$
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    Looking his store, I can see only shit, underdosed and bunk ugl, and a lot of copy of pharma grade steroids. If you are based in uk, there are better option in your country, androchem labs, keifei bioresearch, dimension and also sis laboratories as cheap brand it’s not bad.
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