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    From what I.understand those presses are highly regulated and almost impossible to obtain if you are a regular small time Mr. Joe drug dealer.....I'm hoping someone else will chime in with more knowledge on the ramifications of owning a pill press.
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    This is my understanding of it too. Ive also heard they are really loud.
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    The part that pisses me off with the dosing issues, if that I won’t have enough now for my cycle. I also don’t want to make another order and deal with BTC for such a small order
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    A pill press is NOT the way to go if you’re not even getting your dosing on caps right. They have to be bought from Panda or HU - people in China. Getting caught with one in the States is really bad news. I don’t know if @Mighty-mouse is still around here, but he is super knowledgeable in the pill pressing subject and when he would vet sources with pill presses, he could tell in a few statements if they knew what they were doing.
  5. Can someone link a thread or point me in a direction where someone was injecting DNP?

    Pretty sure it would be like injecting battery acid.
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    I’m always lurking lol

    DNP in raw form is more of a “wet” raw it holds a lot of moisture compared to other raws. So pressing it will be harder than say pressing dbol or var. more silica would need to be involved with the compounds to help with flowing of the mix.

    But pressing DNP all comes down to the mix. Have to play with your polymers and silica to get the best flow but still obtain a good bond of the polymers. The tricky part is silica isn’t a binder it’s more of a anti-adherent so it will help with the mix not sticking in the filler tube of the press and draw some moisture out while it’s in the blender allowing it to free flow into the die better. But, flip side of that, too much silica and your pill won’t hold up that good.

    To soft of a pill will cause it to break down to fast after ingesting and you will lose some of the potency of the pill. - side note if you are taking a pill that’s uncoated it is best to take on empty stomach so it passes faster through the stomach.

    Presses are still legal to own but a few years ago they passed a law in the US of A that to purchase any press you will need a business that needs one and submit an app and all your info to the DEA for approval. - but I’m sure you can still get them by other means. - going the legal route though you can get one from a reputable distributor that offers warranties and other services for free.

    Just sick of these labs buying a press and trying to sell their pills when I sure 99.99% of them don’t even have a clue of how to make a decent tablet.

    It’s not just 10 grams that 250 grams this let me shake it up and put in the press. It’s a lot of math and trial and error like you would do with brewing. Hell, even comes down to the PH of the mix/finished tab if you want to get all Walter White with it. But that’s a whole other page I could talk about.

    Damn I just realized how much I wrote fuck this coffee and Red Bull.
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    I for one don’t seem the think DNP can fully dissolve. It would be worse than t500 and DHB subq
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    You are, how you say.... ah yes, the man.
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    Thanks homie. We all here for the same end game.
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    I've heard that DNP can explode too if exposed to heat. If someone was to try pressing it I would be aware of that as well. Gel caps are the way to go

    Are these guys still shipping? Thinking of doing a cut cycle since I can't leave my house
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    You are correct it is shipped under a explosive placard. Kind of like dry coffee creamer.... the dust can blow the fuck up if ya know what I mean. As long as you are not using dry granulation and keeping powder in the air to a minimum you will be good. I don’t believe it will explode under pressure but..... maybe a controlled test should be done in the future now.

    Def keep open flames away and press in a well venerated clean room. Wear a respirator when always working with raw dnp when mixing it could kind of fuck you up in the long run.
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    Yes, they’re still shipping.
    A lot of people do the flame test to make sure it’s legit DNP, by lifting the contents of a cap
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  13. Yeah somewhere like 130 or 150 most likely
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    Gracias Amigo!!!!
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    So here’s my 2cents after the mention of capping the liquid,

    a size “0” cap will hold .5ml(holds more but not 1ml) so if I get an even dose of 100mg in a cap I think I’m gonna cap the liquid and only make them as needed to consume. @shreddedlabs did a little experiment last night and said the caps degrade quick but you have maybe 1-2 min before the shit gets every where but your mouth. I will try this and see how much of a pain in the ass it actually is.. I actually like the fact I can interval the liquid into a cap and if I want 225mg or 250mg or whatever, it seems easy enough capping liquid. If the dose is on point the he made. Hopefully
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    If you want a full 200mg, shoot for a 00 or even 000 sized cap. I’ll probably be grabbing 000.
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    Man, if you're going to these lengths... I'd really consider just capping yourself.
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  18. Simec does or did, but that’s a poop shoot unless you plan on rolling it out in 2021
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    Thanks for the info guys. I like to cap them at 100 tops. I think some of you are crazy going up to 200 lol
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    For those that have tried the liquid, what are the best practices for avoiding stains and the horrible taste?

    I was thinking to take a 5ml syringe and put like orange juice or some strongly flavored calorie free drink for 4-4.5ml and the rest DNP + shoot down the back of throat as much as possible.

    Any better ideas?