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    bro that would be like 800mg that’s crazy!!!

    Just shot it in the back of your throat like it’s a nut and flush it down with water.
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    Like I said before the best way to consume any nasty liquid solutions/suspensions would be to drop it into a 00 cap every time you need to dose. Use an oral syringe to measure the dose and just swallow it as soon as you can. The whole process takes like 30 seconds. You may need more than one capsule depending on the dose btw.

    Also if you don’t have an oral syringe lying around just take the needle off of a normal 3ml and use that.
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    Also while I’m here I may as well share my opinion on the injectable DNP idea..

    @shreddedlabs Its a bad idea. Very bad. You could potentially have retards shooting the wrong amount because they don’t know how to measure their gear dosages in the first place, shooting it and ending up with infections and abscesses, mixing it with other oil/water based compounds, etc etc. if anything were to go bad for someone then you could end up getting a knock on your door pretty quickly. Not a friendly one either if ya know what I mean. It’s all fun and games until someone ends up in the hospital.
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    agreed completely. if there are already problems with the simplest distribution method, the fix isn’t to change it to something more complex. there’s a very good reason only one seller in the entire market offered injectable dnp and their only endorsement came from bostin loyd

    if anything, the best (safest for you) solution is to just become a domestic source for raw dnp and attract the low price buyers. if people want the low cost, let them cap it themselves. dnp has seen a ton of vendors throughout the years and the fact that none of them would ever offer orals or injectable should tell you something
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    Anyone experience loss of libido while running this? I have ZERO desire for sex.
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    I don't have answer for loss of libido ...just curious how you administered the dose??? Did you put in a gelatin cap??
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    I’m doing his original caps of crystal and filler.
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    @Eman yes I wish I did just get raw but I went with liquid as a replacement. Have to make due.
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    Then leave and stop crying in this thread ‍♂️
  10. Eman

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    Why are you protecting this source from members who are raising valid concerns?
  11. TacoTuesday

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    I’m not . But there’s a huge difference in voicing concern and just sitting in a thread crying over and over. I mean, the source has already taken huge steps to fix, and replace and move on...

    Yet this kid doesn’t give a shit and talks shit every page .. for what reason?

    musically it’s go back and read dumbass now it’s here I’ll just keep repeating the same nonsense over and over.

    atleast Shredded has taken huge steps to move forward. If you or anyone doesn’t think that’s a positive thing and should lay off a bit .. idk man it is what it is. Entitled morons on a fucking illegal steroid forums expecting 5 star illegal items minus well make some google and yelp reviews while their at it.
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    I think you're way off base here.

    I'll agree with you that shredded is doing the right thing by taking care of the orders that were underdosed.. however, deciding to start making injectable DNP and switching to oral liquid DNP is not really taking huge strides on anything, he's making it easier for himself and, as you can see from the last few pages, is making it more difficult for everyone else. I haven't seen anyone in the last few pages really satisfied with any of the "fixes" that have been made except for you, who seems to get upset when people make valid points that they aren't satisfied with how things are going.

    I've heard the "this isn't Amazon" argument plenty of times since I've been a member here and it's absurd. No one is treating this like Amazon.. but this forum was created specifically for users to come together and voice their experiences with any source. That is the entire purpose of the board, and it still makes no sense to me why you're trying to stand in the way of that. Even in the few years I've been here I've seen tons of progress in keeping sources accountable and improving the products we use... But someone voices their opinion and/or concern and it upsets you? If that's how you feel, this may not be the board for you dude... Not saying that in a "GTFO" type of way, your mindset just doesn't seem to run parallel with the purpose of the forum if you take a "just get over it" approach with guys that are reasonably unhappy about their experience.
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    you can spend five minutes looking through this thread from the beginning to see shredded has a history of issues including, but not limited to:
    • shipping wet caps of DNP because they weren’t being dried properly
    • not knowing the filler that was being used
    • using a filler that was counter productive to dnp conversion in the body
    • multiple random 2 week to a month delays due to “real life issues”
    • misdosing
    and the list goes on. calling people entitled because they have reasonable expectations when approaching a vendor selling something dangerous is beyond stupid. the dnp community has existed across tons of other websites long before shredded came along and people with his lack of ethics were shamed out much quicker.

    this isn’t “ahh bro sorry it took so long sorry i accidentally sent you gutter oil instead of test!” people have died over dnp. with every single death, there’s an arrest. without fail. it’s entirely reasonable to critique this guy for constantly saying “ahhh shit i fucked up here’s how i can still profit” instead of stepping back and taking a long hard look at his operations
  14. I think Eman already made you look like the inbred that you are so I’ll just comment on 1 thing. I don’t expect 5 star but I do expect 4 star. Don’t be a sour puss just because you got embarrassed
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    Sure man..

    Then go ask whoever to ban me then?

    Until then I’ll remain just as I have been while watching some of you kids cry and bitch and complain over and over like entitled pricks.

    if you really think you’re something special on a fucking forum. Well it’s all you.

    I’ll say people are stupid. You’ll say it back and at the end of the day nothing will change. Cool
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    im good, really.. kind of confused how one would be embarrassed?

    so I don’t agree with some of you guys and some of you don’t agree with me. Nothing will happen from it and I sure won’t be “embarrassed”. Lol

    I mean you’re the one typing that someone looks like or sounds like an inbred, are you still on middle school? Are you jealous, is that your fantasy or something to fuck and inbred? I don’t know, don’t care.

    like I said to eman or whoever. And I Stand by my recent post that this is in reference too.

    you should really stop thinking youre somebody special on an Internet forum. But it is what it is. I won’t shut up, you won’t shut up. At the end of the day you’re pathetic ess is 100% worse than any problems shredded has faced/caused.
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    The only one that seems to be crying about anything here is you. Keep protecting the source though if that's what you want to do man. This forum doesn't have mods or anyone that's going to ban you, unless you start making death threats.

    I didn't say I was anything special on the forum, if that's all you took away from what I've said I think it says more about you than it does about me.
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    Then why are you still fucking with him?

    leave and be done with it.. but no you won’t, you cry like a fucking baby then order and deal with it.

    nothing new here.
  19. TacoTuesday

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    Sure does.

    Says I didn’t read all of your reply.

    there’s no point. Your reply has been the same basic replies to a few other people through this thread and maybe some other threads I’ve came across.

    Y’all just keep repeating the same thing and I’m confused as to why you’re still here ? In this thread.
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    Honestly Shredded should just blacklist some of you. He’s fixing, done refunds, etc etc.. he replies to probably some or the dumbest fucking emails one could read ( pretty sure this is mainly you @Tiredandhot )

    but hey.. keep complaining, I’ll respond and point out how stupid it is and dumb you are for sticking around and still using him and all will be good .