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    I didn't feel anything until Inwas 4 or 5days into 600mg after starting out at 200,300, 400,500. I'm about to finish up tomorrow. My last week was at 1000mg and I'm still doing cardio and weigh training. My tolerance is high and maybe yours is too. I'm dripping weight like crazy though.
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    I guess then my question is if you're not feeling the side effects (tolerance) are you not seeing the weight loss? I would think not to the extent others are. The heat, from what I've read, is a direct side effect of how DNP makes you lose more weight.
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    Nope still lost weight even when I wasnt hot.
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    You do not necessarily need to feel much to get fat loss results from DNP, it's a big misconception.

    If you're not feeling anything, I still recommend waiting 5 days in between dosage increases and only jumping 200mg at a time. Take a very progressive, conservative approach and take notes during the cycle.
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    I have upped to 600mg and was sweating all day (nothing too dramatic) so I'm going to sit here for a while. I am down 2lbs at this point and plan to stay on this dose for ~1 week and then probably stop, I'm not a masochist like others are :)
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    @paxexe it's definitely working... You are probably holding a few pounds of water as well. So in reality you are just now seeing it on the scale. Your body will be bloated somewhat on DNP as it's fighting to hang onto water. 4 days after I came off I dropped 4 additional pounds.
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    Disregard scale until a week after ending cycle. Some people bloat bad, and some lose a lot of weight which initially is glycogen. I've said it before, definitely don't have to experience sides to know its working. Some people experience few sides while 250 a day brings plenty to me. I wonder if bodyweight has a lot to do with that.
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    Yesterday was my last day. The higher the dosage the more water I held. I went up to a 1000mg for the last week and could see the difference in bloat. I think it's from the heat at that point.
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    That’s was really rad that you took the time to share your experience here with everyone.
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    Should keep this in mind, don’t get discouraged, the scale may not even move some days. Some people body’s work differently then others with DNP, meaning instead of loosing a shot ton of water weight in the beginning, the scale may not move the direction you want it. It could even show that you have gained weight. This is because some people’s body will react differently to dnp in the system. So stay determined, try not to overeat. Lot of people say that they eat all types of shit on dnp. This is true. But if you get into the habit of thinking it’s okay to slip because you are taking dnp, this can and will become a disaster. Remember what your goal was before beginning. What you wanted to see when you looked into the mirror, before your began. Continue to work towards that goal and things will come together.
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    I'm now down 4lbs on the scale 10 days in. Sweats are intermittent, nothing terrible. The lethargy is depressing. After 6pm I just want to lay in bed. I am up to 600mg and stopping after tomorrow (important meetings at work). I'll update with total weight loss after being off 1 week. Right now I can't tell, I started at 190 and 13% (recent DXA) but my muscles are flat as hell right now.

    I'm going to run another later in summer. Give it 4 weeks off or so. I may ramp up faster next time to 400mg (just 1-2 days instead of 3-4).
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    Still waiting on clen restock.

    How does everyone feel about Mtren? Would anybody like to see us carry injectable or oral Mtren?
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    I’d give oral Mtren a try
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  15. Sent you a pm shredded, shoot me a message back when you can, thanks
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    Down for both lol
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    Alright good we have some interest. Im going to send off the mtren and some other orals off to jano next week,soon we see that everything is good to go we will make them available.
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    Jano... really? He can't even test EQ right!

    Even if he could, you would trust him!?

    What a waste of money for testing results that mean nothing...
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    who do you suggest I go to get my testing done from then?
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    @Weights & Measures
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