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    Heard back from him and get got me squared away. Thanks
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    Nice, glad he's actually replying. Sent him an email yesterday since it'll be my first purchase from him since I'm almost done with nutraburn's DNP. Hopefully I'll hear from him soon.

    -edit- btw is SL still having problem logging into his tutanota email? Should I send an email to his protonmail instead?
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    Not sure, I'd send one to both.
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    Yeah that's exactly what I did and got a immediate response from their protonmail! His tutanota is up and running but I guess my email didn't go through.
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    He doesn’t avoid emails, he has another job that he works like 12hour shifts back to back at.
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    Are you familiar with the brand “AP” in regards to the clen and t3? I’ve got some tiromel on deck but I’m gonna need more. What’s a good T3 dose brobro? I have a bunch of clen from Sopharma I’m starting today, along with the T3.
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    Pretty sure the HL is like 30 hours so I can take my 50mg once in morning?
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    Yeah alpha pharm t3 good, I have actually used all of SL’s t3. If you are running tren right now, and are atleast 3-4weeks In, 50mcg of t3 should become a staple in your cycle. Tren has been shown to reduce the conversion of t4 to t3, it’s also a reason why prolactin levels increase. Low t3, high prolactin

    Anyhow, Tiromel is fine too, t3 is different from t4, because it’s already reduced, so it’s not mandatory that it is taken in the morning time. Right now I split my t3 between morning and night but if on tren I recommend doing morning and afternoon because the last thing you want it to have the t3 effect your sleep anymore. But I have run t3 up to 150mcg Ed. I won’t do that anymore. No reason to. I learned at that dose it far to difficultly to keep your body fro. Eating itself. Even using anabolics. Better to just run DNP. The only thing that you have to be aware of with liquid t3 is how long it has been disabled for because it CAN lose potency. Also unless you are using and oral syringe, the glass dropper is not an ideal method for measuring out something like thyroid hormone. Lol.

    When it comes to clen, I usually start at 20mcg 1st day, then I can start to increase every two day. I did. Like to go over 60mg. That’s just a personal choice. I like stims but I don’t like how I feel on but doses of clen. Bottom line is that if you have both t3 and clen there should be ZERO reason that you need to run a high dose of clen anyhow. Plenty of thermo from taking both those compounds. No need to fuck with the heart more than need be. I know you would agree.

    Edit: I just remembered, you clipped the tren. Right ???
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    Clipped the tren. Had too. Mite add ace again 4 weeks out tho. I’m about to run some winny with this var I have. That’ll be at 50mg split doses. Im definitely feeling amped from t3/clencombo. I hope it can’t give a false positive for speed bro. Cuz im feeling lit
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    Yes, also you don’t need to worry about taking it on a empty stomach, like you do with t4. Tbh I still prefer t4. Much rather supplement 200mcg of t4 than 50mcg of t3. For the same reasons behind why t4 is the better option to use while taking hgh
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    No, it won’t give you a false positive I know you test and so do I. The only thing I took thinking that it could have caused a false positive was DMAA. even that doesn’t cause a false positive. Wellbutrin used to cause false positives but the tests have gotten so complex now that the warning on Wellbutrin's website Regarding exactly that, has been removed.
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    How about modafinil?
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    Yeah I find there is almost a euphoric feeling when you find your sweet spot when running the 2. as long as you have aas in the mix you shouldn’t have to worry too much about catabolism. Hey SL’s liquid orals are legit, or I should say the ones I have used, Anadrol and Anavar, for the price, you can’t go wrong. Anavar in liquid is so fucking nasty but taking the liquid formula pre-workout, it hits pretty hard. Next I am gonna have to try injectable anadrol
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    For false positive??? NO, it shouldn’t. I haven’t used it so I can’t say for sure buddy. But AA’s new product the ultimate fat burner has some really gnarly shit in it and it hasn’t cause me to pop dirty and that’s the first time I was actually crossing because there was more than 1 compound that could have cause false positive but even that didn’t cause me too. My next run with DNP I am thinking about using modafinil
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    Hey big torro, I should also add that it is also good idea to supplement with selenium aby time you take any thyroid hormone for longer then 2weeks. It assists with the metabolism of the hormone, and can also help prevent the conversion to reverse t3 which would absolutely counterproductive, and a nightmare.
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  16. Your t4 t3 posts are on point.
    I run 50mcg 50mcg boosts on HGH (I run prescriptions of Levothyroxine all year)

    Gives me a nice kick when running GH

    Can you please elaborate on "conversion to reverse t3"

    Never heard of that, I just pop the pills and reap the rewards lol
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    Okay I will do my best. T4 converts to t3 or it can convert to reverse t3. I like to be open and have best with people I talk with so if I do t know something I am not gonna act like I do I am flat out just gonna say I do t know, but I will see what I can do about finding out more about the subject being discussed. When it comes to t4 the body needs to be healthy to make the conversion to t3 possible. When I say healthy I mean that the body isn’t sick. The liver is in good shape, since that is where the magic takes place and t4 is gets metabolized into t3. If it’s deficient in certain vitamins/minerals the metabolic process cannot be properly completed, and can be one reason for a low TSH, and/or elevation in rt3. Selenium and iodine are extremely important minerals for Making sure t4 is properly metabolized into t3. Extremely Low carbohydrate intake over extended time periods can cause an elevation in rt3, or cause t4 to metabolize at a slower rate which will also show a lower lever of t3. Because of the rate that it is being metabolized. If your blood show elevated rt3 levels most doctors will diagnose that as hypothyroidism. Which is treated with t3. But if your body can’t utilize the t3 because it’s deficient in those minerals or sick, then it’s the same as having an elevate rt3. Which we all know depending on levels of rt3 or low t3 you could have an elevation in prolactin(actually most of the time PRL will be elevated)but two are correlated. Also weight gain. Low thyroid means lower BMR.
    High rt3 = Not Good.
    How do we make sure to avoid this, stay healthy but eating healthy, take multivitamin, working on keeping a Healthy liver.

    I don’t know if this is what you want to hear bro if you have and more specific question maybe I could take a crack at those. Hopefully I didn’t come off as some moron.
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  18. Appreciate the time you took to respond bro.

    I understand what your saying.

    I have Hypothyroidism, so I'm RELATIVELY familiar with all of this.

    My Prolactin and rt3 are in solid shape, so I'm not too worried, based upon what you said.
    I mostly wanted to confirm that I wouldn't be experiencing the T3 utilization issues.

    Appreciate the help.

    I'll stay the course, bump t4 and t3 to accomadate my lowered levels from GH cycling.

    Best part?
    my thyroid is already fucked, so I'm not worried about suppression at all.

    It's funny, outside of the AAS community, people are so sad and angry when they have shut downs...

    we say "fuck yes, no shut down side effects.. more gear!!!!"

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    The reason t4 is more often preferred alongside hgh, is that when t4 is being metabolized in the liver to t3, it has been shown that process by itsself increased igf1 significantly, rather than feeding your body t3 where that process is skipped out on.

    I hope you don’t think I was jumping to conclusions and making accusation that you had high PRL, or anything like that.
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    why is your thyroid fucked ????