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    I have a thermometer to check my oral temperature...also, I don't really care what you think. Just telling others to start low in case they respond well to it. The only reason I stopped DNP was because of that temperature increase or else I would have ran it a few more weeks
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    Whats up how are you all doing? I'm doing good myself.

    albuterol, tiromel t3, and pharma t4 are all pharma grade stuff.
    AP t3 and AP clen some consider pharma some consider Posh Ugl or whatever I don't know what the meso consensus is on them. Any experts on Alpha Pharma around that could chime in on that?
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  3. As far as i'm concerned, they're UGL, but top of line UGL, like Pharmacom and Balkan. They actually test their raws and produce a consistently dosed product.

    But they operate out of one of the most corrupt countries in the world. With enough money and connections they could buy their certificates and certifications calling them pharma, but the words India and pharma together are still an oxymoron, IMO.

    Same with Moldova and pharma. Don't get me started on that or @Den84 will come in here posting production videos from Balkan's factory again. :D:p
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    I agree with @MisterSuperGod , but only because of his experience with MSG labs. That company was a resume’ builder. Hopefully bigger things to come. :D
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    to not disappoint you :p MOLD EXPO 13/14/15 September 2019, balkan was present as every year at the national fair, which represents the best Moldovan companies. new active ingredients, new over-the-counter drugs and new supplements have been launched. The turnout was great, even from neighboring countries. all this also shows that the August rumors about the alleged closure of the Balkan factory were only fake news. Push the link

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    This is just to see if @Kim will like my post. :)
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  7. Damn it. Signed in as MSG again. i'm a school teacher, not a rocket scientist. Let me sign into the right handle and give you a like.
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    That's not trt bro that's a cycle, albeit a small one.
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    Its okay Kim.
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    180 of test and 200 of mast ... not a cycle in my book , not even close . To each their own tho .
  11. i believe this is the loose definition of the word "cruise" that many throw around.

    Not something i would advise doing year round, for years on end, but everyone does their own thing for their own reasons, who am i to wave my finger at anyone?
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    The mast isn’t year round just giving it a go as I’ve heard ppl say run it with trt for libido increase and better all around mood on it , similar to proviron but the test at 180 is where I feel my best , I tried 120 mg week to start , then 150 etc ....
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    Definitely not TRT testosterone replacement therapy doesn't include masteron. Just be careful running that much gear year round is definitely not good for you. As you said to each there own.
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    Check table 1 for the temperature of some of the people whom died from DNP. Many died @104F, the range goes from 100-109F, one guy was >110F but he took 3-5grams lol. If your core temperature goes above 100F I would definitely recommend visiting your local ER and telling them what you took.

    2,4-Dinitrophenol (DNP): A Weight Loss Agent with Significant Acute Toxicity and Risk of Death
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    I agree , mast e isn’t year round , the test 180 wk is my standard . On the higher end but things are constantly changing . More and more men are needing 150-200 because of all the shit in the world we inhale , consume , etc .
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    Also today will be my last day of DNP , the sweating is too much for me . Day and night , loss of sleep is the main issue due to heat and unable to get comfortable due to stickiness and I feel sleep is huge. I’ll update in a few days to see after Dnp has left my body . It would only be a week I ran it but am down 6lbs as we speak without much changing of diet or cardio but sweating is annoying as shit . In a meeting at work the other day and I could feel it dripping down my back then I lift my forearms off the table and just a wet mess on the table lol wtf we’re ppl prob thinking
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    This seems to be a wise decision, DNP will increase the speed of your fat-loss but you can do it slow and steady without the extra sides. It's not an alternative to proper workouts and dieting. If it interferes with that, it is counterproductive.
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    Sold out on clen should be restocked in 1-2weeks ath the most.
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    Care to explain WHY you are not relying to emails.
    I have sent an email Everyday advising you I PAID you for my order via the BTC address you gave me.

    Now you don't reply to my emails, you have not even provides me with any updates regarding my order, and lastly you have not even given me ANY tracking information ir anything.

    You took my money and did nothing.
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    Relax, unfortunately this has been a pattern of his at times. He'll eventually respond, give it time.