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    Sooo I’m on day 4 and this was my first day of going up to 400 mg... let me just say this is the sweatiest leg day I’ve ever had. Excited to share my results with you guys because I came into this already at 8% body fat at 200 pounds, 6’2. Down to 198 now, but I also started up winstrol and Anavar the same day as this and bumped calories up to 3700 because of it (I’m a nutritionist and eat 7 times a day, was cutting on 2700-3200 calories without gear lol)
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    Thanks for replying @Tiredandhot, it's a bit Frustrating when someone replies to you daily and then once you send payment they stop All communication. Im sure you can understand where I'm coming from and the reason for my initial post. Again, thanks for explaining this is normal of him, but it shouldn't be, not good for business.
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    @Princess pretty sure I just replied to your email. Sorry i've been slow on the emails last couple days.

    Packs are going to go out a couple days late too this week due personal reasons I had trouble getting them out but everything is squared away now.
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    Thank you @shreddedlabs for replying. I understand delays can happen, thanks again.
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    Relax you will receive your package
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    Yep, the shreddedlabs guys are probably just busy. I made an order, and things went pretty smoothly - got what I paid for in a timely manner, however they don't seem to have a lot of time to answer emails constantly. It's legit.
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    Finishing up a 2 week run at 400mg along with the liquid Anavar. Everything's great. Good T/A like last time I ordered and great results from the DNP. I really like Anavar for staying full/kind of strong.

    Got kicked in the nuts by lethargy the first week, but am cruising to the finish line. Only down about 4-5lbs so far, but am much leaner especially in the lovehandles. I'm at "still have fucking lovehandles percent bodyfat." We'll see where the scale ends up tuesday or wednesday.

    In the past I've done 200mg a day for 3weeks, but I think 400mg for 2 weeks will be my new go to. Same general results, sides aren't too much worse and, it's week shorter.

    Thanks again @shreddedlabs
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    @Princess can you please go to New Member Introduction and let us know a little bit about you? If you are female it is great to have another one around here. We need more.
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    You too terminated. Would be awesome if you could go introduce yourself at New Member Introduction
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    Can you accept other than bitcoins? I hate that shit
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    Nope only bitcoins and other crypto currencies. This is because every other method of receiving money that I have heard of requires me revealing some kind of information that can be connected to me.
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    So I ended up only running the DNP for 8 days. I have never once in my life experienced lethargy like that. And I’m the type that takes a ton of alcohol, preworkout, etc. to feel anything. I literally felt like a fat kid. On 400 mgs a day, I was pouring sweat within the first few sets, and could walk some clients through warmups and be breathing through my mouth. I smelled bad all the time and would pull my phone out of my pocket only to find moisture on it. Naps and sleeping at night was the worst. My bed stayed soaked. I also ran clen with this and continued to do cardio to speed things up any more. The winstrol and Anavar definitely helped to keep strength up even though I had 0 endurance. I went ahead and stopped after a week because my photo shoot is in 11 days and I wanted to have plenty of time to let the winstrol harden my physique and take away some of the water before I even do my water cut. I’m still continuing to use clen and doing fasted cardio and post workout cardio but my calories are anywhere from 3900-2900 (carb cycling depending on what I’m training, or if I’m training that day) my weight just now was 198 with shoes on at night time and I had 3900 calories today. A week ago it was 200 in the morning no shoes. Excited to see how this photo shoot goes, especially once the last little bit of this water in my handles is gone. I’m 6’2 so everything should look pretty nice. Went from 8% body fat to 7%
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    Hey man, sent you an email for an international order
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  16. i will refrain from asking about those pee stains in the upper right of the pic :D incontinence is a bitch, i can dig it, but please provide some feedback on those goodies when you or one of your dudes runs them. Please and thank you.
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    I just read about the Anavar on this site, and if I understood it's helpful in reducing abdominal fat, especially in older men. Is that correct?
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    It's nice for cutting, because it keeps you strong, tight and with full muscles but I've run quite a bit of it and never really noticed anything with abdominal fat beyond what I would running a deficit, or you know, um...DNP. It's still the last to go for me.
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    Does shreddedlabs have a protonmail also that I have missed?
  20. Read the thread, noob! :D:p
    Or just check this post...

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