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  1. lol nice, how is the fat burning on his GW? I used GW years ago when you could still buy it in nutrition shops, had solid fat burning results. Recently bought some from a sarm company to shred some holiday fat off as I also was dealing with an injury that kept me out of the gym. Was most likely underdosed, as I had to fill my oral dropper twice per day to see similar results as I did years ago.
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    Well I personally think between his gw.and the tiromel is what's help me lose weight. 285 to 208 now. But I've cleaned up my diet for the last six months. I should have done them separately to see what is really having the most effect but I read that advice on here after I started. Also I'm on tren so that plays a part. But I did not take the gw.for 3 days and did not have the same energy so I know it's helps in that department and energy equalls more fat loss. Got to come off the t3 soon so I'll see more the effects of gw . I'm try to learn more and hope I'm not experimenting to much with different things. But my diet is half I think. Only problem is I've lost 100 pounds before. I get so fuck week and little and zero metabolism. This is so different. I'm jacked ( for me ) strong as hell even after the weight loss so this stuff is doing what they say it does. Just need to read more on these forums monitor my health and not take to much or for to long.
  3. Interesting, I also cut some serious weight recently, not nearly as much as you but yeah, can def relate to you on the feeling like shit and not pushing serious weight in the gym like I used to. But when taking gw, ive never, ever expereinced (or even heard of) gw giving someone energy. Do you think the gw could have some ephedrine in it? Is the boost that significant? I know ephedrine is dirt cheap in Canada, and would defo like to see it added to shredded's inventory list!
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    Mostly they speak about it's boosting endurance and metabolism when I read about it. So maybe my boost in metabolism is why I fell energy because its not a stimulate like clen or caffeine . Now I did find a link were it talks about the energy part but like you said mostly it's the fat burning and endurance that I read about GW-501516 (Cardarine): This SARM Works Well During A Cut As It Helps Burn Fat & Retain Muscle. Taking drug test so I hope no ephdrine is in it. Lol
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    There is no ephedrine in Cardarine... Although that would be nice. It's difficult enough to get ephedrine, sources aren't just tossing it into other compounds for the hell of it.
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    Lol. He was saying because I feel energy off cardarine that it maybe cut with ephdrine. Because he never heard of energy feeling like that off gw. And he is right it's not a stim. So I figured it because I'm use to a crashed metabolism that maybe the boost from that plus tren is what I'm feeling.
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    I've only really noticed energy from it in between sets, it really seems to help you be ready to go again. Seems to help increase cardio capability... Never really noticed general energy from it through the day.
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  8. Ah ok. I misinterpreted what you meant then. Def no ephedrine in the GW then. Depending on where you are, ephedrine can be easy to get. The great white north can go to just about any GNC and get ephedrine tabs. Reminds me of the good ol’ days where you could get ephedrine, sdrol and sarms in store. Also the legendary pre workout jack3d.
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  9. Back when I didn’t have to read on a steroid forum to get the goodies lol.
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    Yup. I use to get it from the gas station. One of those brands that are now caffeine pills like in 2005.
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    Has anyone tried shreddeds mk 677
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    Has anyone had this guy’s stuff tested?
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    Whats a good dosage in cardarine ??
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    I used his var and mk677 last year. It was legit and dosed properly. Important to note that this was before the China ban though.
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  16. This is what concerns me. Rumor has it White Water research, one of the most trusted sarm companies, is exit scamming hoping shredded can pull through for us.
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    Sarms are no longer in production, but AAS are still being manufactured. I don't see why he would risk his reputation on exit scamming for mk677. Hopefully someone that bought recently can chime in though.
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  18. did you order from shredded? I melted tons of fat on 40mg a day
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    Ive taken DNP, went with a low dose approach.
    200mg A day for 1 month. WORKED WELL!!

    I was thinking about doing something like 50mg a day to prevent Lethargy and other sides that come with. What im wondering is how effective such a dose can be over a longer period of time? Does any one know at what point DNP Starts doing its thing to a beneficial degree?
  20. contemplating going to US gains for my gw, ordered from them last time and was pleased, not enough info on here about his sarms to warrant me buying.