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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by shreddedlabs, Dec 7, 2018.

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    Yea, good luck getting in touch with him now lol. Even when he’s here, he’s not... now he said he’s gone for a week. Yikes.. don’t be that guy tho. He’s not ripping you off.. tell your buddy to be patient.
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    I’m waiting patiently too, not really concerned though. I read most of this thread before I sent coin and didn’t see anybody mention getting ripped off. Worst case sounds like it will go out sometime next week. As far as black market stuff goes, shredded seems pretty stand-up lol. If you haven’t yet, sign up for Usps informed delivery. You’ll get a heads up on any incoming packages as they enter the system so you know to watch for it.
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  3. It all depends on your response to the drug, like anything else. For me It was used well as a fairly strong, no side effect fat burner. I dont really train for endurance aside from supersets, tri-sets, heavy rep sets etc.
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    I just got my pack Monday. Immediately started taking 2x/day (400mg) as I’ve ran it several times and know what I can tolerate. I dumped out a 200mg DNP cap yesterday and it weighed 550mg. Do these have a lot of filler or am I about to be really hot?
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    That's probably about right as far as total weight, but it's pretty much impossible to say. He could have changed fillers and made it 700mg...

    That's why you don't start with 400mg right off the bat.
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    Almost every pack has been shipped out except for some people who just paid the last couple days. Havent been accepting orders this week and probably wont accept any until sometime next week or later. Will post here when Im back and can accept orders. We are also going to be changing out filler and way of making capsules which should increase the quality and speed at which we make capsules.
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    You have a timeline when to expect that happening?
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    I assume in parallel of when he will start accepting orders... next week or later.

    That’s how I read his update... but maybe they aren’t related.
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    Shredded takes a while but he comes through good shit too
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    Pack landed, I ordered raws. It smells like the other DNP bought in the past from elsewhere. It's yellow, stains my fingers, and I really feel like shit on 400mg/day.

    The appearance is different from other DNP I have bought, shreddedlabs DNP looks like it was ground up. Other DNP I have bought from elsewhere looked like very fine, long crystals that were flattened together and were flaky. Shredded's DNP looked like it went through a grinding process first, which was nice, it mixed with the filler just fine with very few lumps. The DNP from elsewhere I'd have to crush and grind with the back of a spoon before it would mix with my filler for capping. Even then, that DNP would still clump a bit and I'd have to grind it again after adding filler.

    Seems like the real deal to me. Shipping time wasn't bad, but if you are looking to get your hand held, that's probably not going to happen. Would definitely order again.
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    Quick heads up. going to be back and shipping backs sometime between the 27th and the 2nd of march. Thanks for the patience everyone.
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    Damn that’s much later than expected haha
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    @ounick28 Wanted to be back but when it rains it pours haha.
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    Well you’re doing it right Luke Combs... You’re being honest and transparent and that’s all any of us can ask for... looking forward to being the first order when you come back... I get to push my cycle back a little bit haha little more time to slack off
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    Well shit. Shredded has a great product and I'll happily order again but does anyone have a secondary source? I'm trying to beat being out of town for about a month.

    Best of luck with your issues my man.
  16. was thinking the same, need me some fat loss products lol
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    Placed a order and no email response, what’s the word?
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    See post #1371
  19. read post #1371
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    Been waiting for a response for over a week after my order. But I see he's updated some life happening here. I wasn't sure if I was doing order wrong. Thanks for update here and hopefully all is well or getting better.