[Source] GODTROPIN--HGH promo: satisfaction guaranteed or refund

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  1. His kits are 24iu Per vial (240iu per kit)

    We are mixing 2.4ml Bac stat per vial.

    My Godtropin at that ratio.. fine
    Human Backhoes...same ratio, same bacstat even

    It's not protocol or an individual response.
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    you're the reason user reviews are tough to trust :(
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    Ya I think I did 2.4, was a while back.
    And with that I tried to do 50/50 shot with opti's.
    Tried multiple options but after nothing worked for me, I just chose to accept it.

    Like I said nothing bad about godt, and if something happened in Production or whatnot I'd try again.
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    Why is that?? If I'm not mistaken he had tests come back at 21iu and 24iu depending on when you bought? Either way my point was to make sure he was diluting it enough because others didnt and had pip from it. Ruling that out.

    I think @Human_backhoe and @Silentlemon1011 are experienced enough to get my point. You? Maybe not so much.
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  5. We both have earlier batches where it was supposedly 27iu
    But tested at 24iu.

    I think the 21 was after our order.

    But yes, I get your point, thanks for the vote of confidence brother.
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    Just for reference, I have nearly gone through a kit of @godt240 HGH and it’s performing as expected. I have not suffered with any red welts or irritation issues either. I’m mixing it with 2.4ml bac water.

    Overall I’m impressed with this GH and service, I wouldn’t hesitate to order again.
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    Same here. No redness or welts but what @Silentlemon1011 has accomplished in his little experiment, almost makes me think godt is picking and choosing. Or maybe not. Maybe he has bad kits and doesn’t even know it. But still needs to be dealt with because it’s like 50/50, some do. Some don’t.

    what I think tho is that it’s not the individual anymore. It’s his hgh. Selective or bad kits he needs to figure it out to stay in it.
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    I was under the impression the red welts and irritation was a person dependant allergic response but I’m going to look back through this thread now to learn more.
    It’s a shame if there are bad batches of this HGH floating around though....
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    concerning red welts, i think i talked many times here. i repeat one more time.

    1. pls check all the pharma gh, all of them confirm that red welt is common side effect.
    pls check norditropin site:

    Common side effects.
    Knowing what to look for will help you identify growth hormone side effects if they should arise. The most common side effects of Norditropin® include:

    Injection site reactions and rashes


    so why not accuse pharma gh cause red welts ? of course, pharma gh is too expensive, no many people can afford it for long term, thats why very few people reporting red welt on pharma gh.
    my gh is fucking cheap, and many people take promo, like 100 clients, of course, 1 or 2 clients report red welts, its normal range.

    2. pls google : red welts gh, it comes out 403,000 results, so all of them r talking about my gh ?

    3, every batch ,we make 500 kits. we have a lot of clients, how come we pick bad kits to some clients ? its ridiculous. why i should send bad kits to clients, then get bad reviews and give them refund ? i don't have time to play this stupid game.
    whats like 50/50 ? u think only u and him bought my gh, and he got red welts, u don't, that calls 50/50, right ?

    4. i learned lesson here.
    before, i thought that i made very special promo here for clients, and offer 100$ discount for blood test, so the clients should leave good reviews. but after so many years's effort here, i realised that its my stupid thought. i got a conclusion. i offer special deal here , so people always think its bad quality, and always look for the problem. i offer normal price on eroids, everyone is happy and leave good reviews.
    so i decided not to offer special deal here any more, with this price, i don't make profit, but i get too much troubles, i'm so tired of drama non stop. thanks for understanding
    best regard
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    @godt240 50/50 would only be concerning this thread, I don’t care where else you source. But when dealing with other generic hgh, take your pic, the only time you hear of a red welt is NEVER. There’s no cases of this in other generic gh threads like yours. You have to admit something is off here? If it wasn’t for @Silentlemon1011 doing what he did then it would all be in question. Your word against ours. But since he did the experiment it makes it very clear some kits are not as good as your others. Do you still not agree?
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  11. Thanks Bro
    Pretty much sums it up.

    What do i gain from this?
    I gain nothing but my friends money back... and you get your GH back.

    You also havnt answered why the experiment turned out like it did?

    Why does one batch of your GH give me welts..and ANOTHER batch of your GH does not?

    I literally injected Monday with one batch
    Red welts

    Injected Tuesday with my Batch
    No Red welts.

    Did my immune system change from Monday to Tuesday?

    Did my two friends also experience the EXACT same internal immune system response from Monday to Tuesday?

    That makes no sense.

    Just refund the guy and let it go, because neither I. or meso are picking up what you're putting down
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    I mean that’s as clear cut as it gets right there, how can you even suggest it’s an individual response.. come on now.
  13. I thought this was a satisfaction guaranteed or your money back thread. Says it right in the thread title. Doesn’t say debate or argument included. He gives you his wallet, you provide refund, and you provide address you want your product returned to. Transaction complete.

    Sounds like a 1, 2, 3 step process and problem solved. So how about it @godt240?

    I mean if we’re being argumentative I’m not even an unhappy customer but I have two kits I ordered in August when they were testing at 26.2iu. Can we just reimburse for them since it’s a satisfaction guaranteed thread. Because I’m not satisfied others have to debate their product.
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    A shill acct if I've ever seen one. Probably @godt240 himself. He feels as if its fair for him to do things like this because of how unfair things are for sources here.
    The source feeling sorry for himself is never a good look. The tactics he uses to deflect are played out. He doesn't sell anywhere near the number of kits HK or TP sell where generics are concerned and the red welt thing isn't an issue. Its obvious its the brand.
    I like Opti, personally, and if i was in the market for generics he'd be my guy. I have to say that he's had remarkable run and his customer service skills haven't been put to the test as of yet.
    One reason I wouldn't and haven't ever gotten into the generic gh biz is the lack of consistency in generics over the years. With the exception of HK and TP(and now opti up to now) there has been nothing but scams and issues with generics.
    The new "brand" or color top with a silly name starts off like gangbusters with big #'s from guys testing initial batches....only to see the brand crap out a couple of months down the road.

    We, the end users, have seen the overall quality of aas and generic gh greatly improve due to all the testing being done. Raw powder sources have been held accountable as have ugl's.
    We're dealing with some uncertainty with the laws in China in regards to raws(health concerns with these viruses, also) but we will have a better idea of what the future holds in the next 2 weeks to a month. New Year is over and factories and employees are returning to work. We'll see what ships and what doesn't as well as who is doing the shipping.

    One last thing when it comes to gh. When it comes to USA Pharmaceutical grade GH there has never been more kits available and because of the # of kits available, the prices have never been more reasonable.
    I may be spoiled and it probably has to do with my location but I see what I'm saying with my own eyes. I speak to Serono(source here) and he doesn't have to tell me I'm right. I see how active he is and also see what he's getting. I think he's at $580 for 126iu's? Serostim is $100 to $150 less per kit on average in the Community than it was in 2005 through 2012. 126iu kits were $700 to $750 on boards that are discussed here at meso back then.
    A friend of mine from LA came down to The Desert to do some shopping. The things are all around him and a short drive to West Hollywood and he'd be in an area where there are probably more kits per square foot than anyplace in the world. But alas, folks are oblivious to their surroundings.
    Anyway..he has a brother in Colorado who, along with his wife, discovered Serostim this past October or November. I spoke with him and he's run generics in the past. He says that pharm gh had always been cost prohibitive(or so he used to think.). After several kits with not much to show he decided to bite the bullet. He and his wife haven't looked back. He knew he was on the real deal after a week or 2. It doesn't take months. Its special. They picked up 5 more kits.
    The two have never looked or felt better. His wife just last year found fitness and they are a couple who have changed their lifestyles and their relationship has never been stronger. What a difference a good connection can make in someones life. Not having to worry(seriously be concerned) that their hard earned money is being wasted.
    Again...probably has to do with my location...but I've never seen a fake/counterfeit kit. I know what to look for. There are so many legit kits around there's no reason for there to be fakes here and around most big cities.
    I don't know exactly how many kits of Serostim have passed through my hands but its easily thousands now. Not that I've used or necessarily sold but that I've had my mits on over the years. I run 4iu's of Serostim/ed and have for a long time. I've had stretches of time where I've been forced to take time off from all hormones. The last break was exactly 10 months. It ended this past June and the first thing I did when I got home was get right.
    My oldest son handed me a box with 11 kits of Serostim I had picked up a short time before I went away. Also a few vials of tested gear and US Pharmaceutical grade Test Cyp were in that box. Things got a lot better in a relatively short period of time.
    I can't and won't give out names or emails for a source. Its not that difficult. You can do it. At some point in your life you should treat yourself to the best and see how it compares. That's one thing I never had trouble doing....and that's taking care of myself and giving myself the best I can afford...and not listening to my Father who denied himself the finer things. He could afford the finer things which to me usually means there is some underlying issue someone is dealing with. When is it going to be your turn?
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    i never said i wouldn't refund it, your friend contacted me for red welt, i replied to him Sunday that he should put more bac water and try again, and he didn't reply to me, and 2 days ago, i gave him the address to ship back. thats it. why non stop drama for nothing here .
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    I first contacted you on Jan 23rd. Yes you told me to put more bacstat and then try IM. You kept saying it wasn't your fault or problem. After all this drama you said ok to a refund...

    Look at it from my/our perspective. Well know members who ordered before me got new kits. updated stoppers ect... when well known members have ordered for me I have never had a issue! I have posted my blood work on this thread to prove it. Then when I order as a lesser known member I get old kits and 3 OF US get welts and pain.

    Adding more bac water under those circumstances is absolutely absurd. Especially when I am giving this stuff to my wife and I. If I am getting pain and 3 inche welts subq then why would I try IM?

    I am happy you are refunding and living up to your word! I am happy you discounted this order to pay for the bloods I have previously run.

    Try and look at it from my perspective and you might understand why I am pissed off.
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    Here is my blood analysis. I test the godtropin with 4iu, 3 hours before the blood draw

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    Hey @godt240 are you back to shipping normally or still having issues due to the virus?
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    you kidding me? you want him to ship it back to YOUR ADDRESS? That’s some shit opsec. Just fucking refund him
  20. Savagesteve

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    Not to mention, receiving it and sending it out to someone else and who knows if the shit could’ve been tainted or what.
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