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    And their new layout blows
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    I'm still frequently active on SST, moreso in the background with sources and dealing with the infrastructure. I know everyone memes like "OH MESO IS HORRIBLE" or "SST IS SHIT" but I think we can both learn from each other. At the end of the day we're all just dudes trying to get good quality gear and I think that we can all benefit each other so i'm basically here to read around, do research and learn. You're not a bad community at all and as far as vetting sources, you guys have a very different style than SST but I think that's good. "attacking" a source from all angles helps us to make sure everyone is getting a safe product from a reputable lab that knows what they're doing. Having a bunch of "yesmen" is a dangerous thing and I genuinely like the broad spectrum of viewpoints you find on meso when analyzing a source. As i'm sure you all know, there are a decent amount of cross-board members of both SST and Meso as well as cross-board sources and I find that those cross board members are best educated on the matter and as someone who is trying to do their due diligence and improve on things that may be flawed with SST or our processes, I figure that being active both here and on SST is a win-win situation. At the end of the day all anyone here wants is cheap, safe gear that won't land us in a jail cell and i'm trying to do my part to help us all achieve that

    Also, don't shit-talk the SST forum layout unless you have something constructive to say about fixing it, i'm always open to constructive criticism but saying something sucks without a reason doesn't help me
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    Glad to have you here. And I personally like the darker background of SST, easier on the eyes. Hope you can get involved around here.
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    Well, I’ll talk whatever shit I want because I can. However, upon revisiting, it’s not as bad as I remember last time.
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  5. It still sucks. The colors give you eye burn when you navigate to a site with a white background and it isn't immediately optimized for mobile, though there may be a toggle link in that mess somewhere.
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    Besides the dark screen like MSG pointed out, the email style string gets annoying when jackasses keep replying. It’s hard to follow along. If there’s a way to limit that to one or two strings that would be better!
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    Compounds have been brewed and sent to Weights and Measures for testing.

    I know this is a slow and tedious process but once I have the results, everything is good to go.
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    Well you seem to be at this point following through with your statements. Good to see.
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    -Weights and Measures has picked up all the compounds sent over and is in the process of testing them.
    -Labels are fixed and ready to go
    -For transparency, I was approved on SST by the mods so am sourcing on there as well now (I did make it clear on my SST post that I am awaiting lab results for my gear).
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    Congratulations on SST. You should do ok there. It’s a much easier board with more than a few dickriders. They don’t get nearly as much traffic as MESO so being popular over there don’t mean shit to us.
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    Damn bro. See if you can pry @bolder cock out ya. I mean you straight up sound like a snowflake. And speaking of high school, you sound like the snobby homecoming queen. Take your puberty induced rants somewhere else. Ain’t nobody give a fuck what your thoughts are you lil fuckin dweeb lady boy.
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    Well it’s nice to see some of the same guys that ask questions here at MESO are on the SST blowing source cock and shitting all over the MESO ways of vetting.

    @Tiredandhot how about you just stay over at SST if you don’t like it here. That’s the great thing about computers, you’re not forced to look at stuff you don’t like.

    You come here because MESO is active and you learn WAY more than you’ll ever learn on the SST. That’s cool, but you don’t have to shit all over us. Olympia has made changes BECAUSE of the vetting process. If you think we’re “teenagers or immature men” then feel free to chime in with your own criticism of these hack labs.
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    How the fuck are the guys at SST shitting all over MESO? not one of those guys thought, hey maybe I should be thanking the guys at MESO for vetting @Olympia Labs and making him a better source..leeches benefitting from the MESO vetting process
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    Also kudos too @Olympia Labs for being a sponge and absorbing everyone's advice and putting it into practice... atleast it seems that way
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    If you start doing well here at Meso and also at SST that’ll be a heavy load.
    Taking on two boards as a start up is a bad idea IMO!
    When you start to run yourself thin mistakes can occur. And likely will.

    Since you had to take a break to regroup and decided to come back here then that also means vetting you again will start over.
    We definitely want to see any and all the improvements you’ve made. So come with proof to back up anything you say!
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    Guess what, I can say wth I want. I never gave any specific names anyways. I agree that some of the vetting here is needed. I'm not all about SST and the way they list sources. But yeah, there's a bunch of bs that happens on here.
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    You’re right, you can say whatever you want. But you need to realize there’s a lot of us that are proud of and very loyal to MESO. This is a harm reduction site to educate and protect. SST is a SOURCE board. So by definition we’re going to be a lot tougher on anyone looking to sell stuff here. You can’t reap the benefits here only to bad-mouth MESO over there.

    Olympia would not be where he is now if it wasn’t for us “immature adults” hammering him with questions. There’s a lot of smart dudes here and Olympia has received a ton of excellent free advice that he will be profiting from. What’s wrong with crediting MESO over there rather than bashing us?

    What we do is for the common good. There’s guys here that care about you A LOT more than any nice-talking source that really only wants to separate you from your bitcoins.
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    I understand the need for vetting. Without going and rereading my post, I didn't relate the vetting to the immature part. The immature comment was for some of the constant fighting, dick measuring crap that happens. Like I said, I think some of the vetting here is good. AND I've Expressed my displeasure with SST. I remember the j&h guy that the mods didn't get on sooner. And while I have used sparta and like the guy, I didn't like what he did here at all. To post up and then ghost.

    Anyways, I personally like meso better than SST. Sst is primarily a source board, I agree.
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    I know I am late to the party, but just wanted to say good on you for listening to the knowledgable members on here @Olympia Labs

    To everyone sucking source cock, fuck out of here. Ive witnessed hundreds of sources come through this board and 99% of them didnt give a fuck about anything but padding their own pockets, they dont give a fuck about you and when you get a abscess or infection the source will be gone and youll be crying over in the Steroid forum section for help

    There was a time where I thought people were rude to sources, then grew the fuck up and realized how absolutely necessary it was after I saw what happens when you let illegal drug dealers run rampant

    Just look at how many shitty sources have been shot down in the last month alone... fendi, saiyan, venom... imagine if we let those dumb fucks sell, one of them was using filters that wouldve fucked everyone
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