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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Bat23man, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. Bat23man

    Bat23man Member Supporter

    Sorry for not replying you in time. We did test the primo E , but not using HPLC nor did I have test report to share now. But we have primo E sample to Weights & Measures , so soon I will post result here.
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  2. Mighty-mouse

    Mighty-mouse Member

    Received pack in timely manner. Packed good and communicated good. Was going to send to WM but you know.

    Will keep updated when I find an alternate
  3. TRT@40

    TRT@40 Member

    Goodies landed 3 days after ST picked up the money. Prompt communication.
    Box was taped really well; not even a single mm2 of area was without the tape. Dont wanna go in to details; stealth is really good. Everything is accounted for.
    Was over 6 bills so was a little worried until I was holding the precious pack in my hands.
    Will keep you the community posted on ST's raws testing once i get it done.
  4. Slab

    Slab Member

    Anyone from Canada order with successful delivery?
  5. Digger

    Digger Member

    Anyone comment on the cialis??
  6. Studmuff1

    Studmuff1 Junior Member

    Anyone order from ST recently?
  7. Burpeeking

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  8. Ohiopower

    Ohiopower Member

    yes It was a good experiance. good communication, fast service, easy payment. I have not tested product yet but if its as good as service was I will use them again. I ordered Anadrol, Test C, and Halo.
  9. Mighty-mouse

    Mighty-mouse Member

    I used jano for this testing but it tested as follows

    Dbol tested at 95.04%
    Adrol tested at 98%+

    Both were sent in vials marked A and B and blind.
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  10. Care1

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  11. Bat23man

    Bat23man Member Supporter

    I replied all emails. Please check , if still no , please send me an email again. Thanks.
  12. Studmuff1

    Studmuff1 Junior Member

    Hey I sent you an email ST, still haven’t received a response
  13. Ohiopower

    Ohiopower Member

    Ok here is review on Raw order.
    Products ordered : 10g Anadrol, 50g Test C, 1g Halo
    Response to initial enail 8 took little over 24 hours
    Ease of payment 10 didnt need crypto currency
    service after payment 9 1little hitch no problem shit happens was taken care of quickly within 24 hours
    stealth 5 could been better but was domestic order
    speed of delivery 8 was faster than ordering international
    package 10 taped well
    content packaging 5 the 50g product was in sandwitch bad others were in what I call proper bag.
    weight 10 All weighed within .5 and not under
    quality (only tested Halo) 10 It felt like Halo should at 20mg Im sure the Test is good and so is Anadrol
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  14. Digger

    Digger Member

    No mylar?
  15. Grandpa Gainz

    Grandpa Gainz Member Supporter

    I ordered 25grams a few months back. It does it job. I take 10mg a day, if I try 20mg I’ll get the sinus headache and stuffed up. So I’d say it’s like all the cialis I’ve ever taken....
  16. Digger

    Digger Member

    Yea I'm the same way, 10mg is all I ever needed. That's good to hear bud, appreciate the feedback.
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  17. Cloud Strife

    Cloud Strife Junior Member

    What's your take on the EQ bro?
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  18. baddaddee

    baddaddee Member

    Another fast easy transaction. Thank you @Bat23man
  19. Jswole220

    Jswole220 Member

    Received my pack in a timely manner was actually pretty impressed how Anne got it to me. I ordered 10g Anavar, 10g Superdrol, 10g cialis, 10g viagra. They all look like they should including the anavar that looks like a bag of surgar/salt crystals. Tested 100mg of the var out today as well as 20mg of cialis. I’ll report back after I get some time on them
  20. Bat23man

    Bat23man Member Supporter

    Appreciate your reviews. @baddaddee & @Jswole220 . And also thanks all the clients who gave me suggestions and help. :)

    Special offer from now till the end of Nov.
    For all domestic US order , we offer freebie value at 10% of total order.
    For international order , we offer freebie value at 15% of total order .

    Freebies can be test cyp , test E , test prop, sust250 , mast E ,mast prop.

    PS: we have full stock in US domestic. Welcome to email or wickr me.

    Email : Steroidstour at protonmail dot com
    or wickr me : steroidstour