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  1. Unfortunately I'm a old guy that tries to get that body fat down but I love to eat and I just don't have the tenacity to diet like you young guys do.
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  2. I'm kinda loving this NPP. I'm really starting to see some really good gains. So are people in the gym and at work.
    I'll read up on the Anadrol.
    Thanks guys
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  3. Joseph28z

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    @Bat23man what's your average domestic T/A currently? Not rushing or anything but just wondering since order was paid and placed 3 days ago and haven't gotten tracking or shipment confirmation yet.
  4. Bat23man

    Bat23man Member Supporter

    Could you please contact me via the email or wickr account you use ? I am not sure which order you mean. Do you deal with Alen ? Just want to confirm.

  5. Joseph28z

    Joseph28z Junior Member

    Yes I've been sending emails, I keep being told it's going to be sent or has been sent. I have USPS informed delivery so I know there's no packages on the way but Alen has been saying it should be sent soon. Order was 10g test e 5g tren a. Will send another email though.
  6. T-Bagger

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  7. Joseph28z

    Joseph28z Junior Member

    Lol just wana apologize to Anne and Alen. They sent tracking today after my annoying badgering. Much appreciated folks. Will keep everyone updated on weight of raws and such when i receive.
  8. Grandpa Gainz

    Grandpa Gainz Member Supporter

    Another successful domestic order. I needed some cialis and tren A raws in a hurry! Just 25grams of each. Took a total of 3days from payment. Good job @Bat23man batwoman
    Appreciate the quick turnaround. The cialis is definitely on point. Lol. Probably gonna brew the tren this weekend, will post a pic!
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  9. Bat23man

    Bat23man Member Supporter

    Thank you for your support and the review. @Grandpa Gainz

    Anyone interests in raws domestic with quick shipping , or international shipping , please email me or wickr me directly. Order can't be placed through our website. But if you email or wickr me , I will reply immediately.

    Email:Steroidstour at protonmail dot com
    Wickr me:steroidstour