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  1. Bat23man

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    May I know what you need / want ? If you don't want to post here, you can email me please.
  2. Bat23man

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    Latest tren ace purity at 99.85%
    tren ace test.jpg
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    Thank you so much. :) . I like the nick name. It's the coolest one I ever have. ;)
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  5. RC58

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    The .45 filter filters larger partials and allows for a quicker filter time during the use of the .22 um PTFE. Ultimatly saving me time and what i think is a cleaner product. Friends and associates are very please clean clear product.
  6. RC58

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    The filter systems being spoken about are disposable vacuum filters. A single use products to be used with a media bottle of proper size, please refer to Med lab supply/ amason/ ebay/. Whatman Zapcap-cr or Foxx Autofil PP funnel . What you may be referencing is called a Buchner filter apparatus system that uses single filter sheets, again look amazon. Hope this helps
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    Last four days for the test prop and mast prop special.
    USD130 for 100g test prop including shipping from US warehouse. Any one need, please email me back soon.
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    I just got my order from Bat23man, it got to me just as she say it will. Thanks
  9. Bat23man

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    Yeah, I am doing my best. Hope you like the raws.
  10. 5h4dovv

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    Super grainy like sugar almost
  11. jJjburton

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  12. Bat23man

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    Thank you for pointing that out. We are going to correct it right now.
    Do you like Ruism ? I am curious cause it's Kong Zi on your profile picture.
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    Yes you are correct, grainy like sugar. Real Var should look like this. Pumps in the gym are outstanding.
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    New special offer !
    Any client order above usd500 in July get usd1000 coupons!
    Usd50*20 coupons, no valid date. Available for both

    How to use:
    One coupon (usd50) can be used if next order above usd500, 2 for order above usd1000,3 for order above usd1500.....

    Contact me directly via email Steroidstour at protonmail dot com
    wickr me: steroidstour

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    So I have to spend $500 to get 10% off my next order. Kinda retarded
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  16. Bat23man

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    Consider it's the raws and we already offer good price ,please.
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    The marketing sucks. No one wants a deal on their NEXT order. They want a deal on the order they are making RIGHT NOW!
  18. Bat23man

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    If the order in July reach usd500, one coupon can be used. Even though I know it's not a perfect marketing. I am not good at marketing I guess. Any suggestions, please email me.
  19. T-Bagger

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    Make it available instantly. If you order $500, you get 10% off that order.
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  20. Iron Vett

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    That might would actually get me off of the fence and give this gal a try
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